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The Livingston Family Association publishes a period (typically 3 times per year) newsletter. Newsletters are available in up to three different formats:

Note: NA means Not Available. If no format of a given newsletter is available, it means it has not yet been digitized and uploaded to the web. If at least one format is available, it may mean the other formats will not be made available.

Also note that new newsletters, which will only be available in wiki format, may not be added to this list. To see all newer newsletters, click here.

Livingston Family Association Newsletters
Date Volume Issue Contents wiki html pdf
Mar 2007 34 1 2007 Livingston Family Reunion
Share a Story at the Reunion!
Livingston Family Board
How to Write Your Family History
Histories Wanted
Isabelle Livingston Aiken
March 2007 NA NA
Sep 2006 33 3 2006 Livingston Family Reunion Report - The Chalet, Heber Valley, UT
The Yellow Crocheted Dress - by Enid Cox
Another Family History Launch
Reunion speaker - Susan Easton Black
Livingston Family Descendency Project
A Brief History of Joe and Abe Livingston
Talk by Susan Easton Black given at reunion
Sept 2006 lfn-2006-09.html lfn-2006-09.pdf
May 2006 33 2 2006 Livingston Family Reunion - The Chalet, Heber Valley, UT
Reunion theme - Family Links Through Time
Reunion speaker - Susan Easton Black
Livingston Family Descendency Project
Service Recognition
In Search of Livingston Artifacts
LFN_2006_05 lfn-2006-05.html lfn-2006-05.pdf
Feb 2006 33 1 2006 Livingston Family Reunion - The Chalet, Heber Valley, UT
Livingston Family Descendency Project
Service Recognition
In Search of Livingston Artifacts
2005-2006 Board of Directors
This Is Who We (Probably) Are
Charles Livingston
LFN_2006_02 lfn-2006-02.html lfn-2006-02.pdf
Aug 2005 32 3 2005 reunion report - Theater in the Pines, Sundance, UT
Descendency Information - Don't be left out!
Forging Family Bonds Through Storytelling
In Search of Livingston Stories & Artifacts
2005-2006 Board of Directors
William and Lillias Dick Livingston
LFN_2005_08 lfn-2005-08.html lfn-2005-08.pdf
Apr 2005 32 2 2005 reunion details - Theater in the Pines, Sundance, UT
Descendency Information - making a chart for the reunion
ENews - please sign up
LFN_2005_04 lfn-2005-04.html lfn-2005-04.pdf
Feb 2005 32 1 2005 reunion details - Theater in the Pines, Sundance, UT
Choose your family history goals
History of Archibald George Livingston & Hannah Amanda Adler
LFN_2005_02 lfn-2005-02.html lfn-2005-02.pdf
Jul 2004 31 2 2004 Livingston Reunion Report
Quarry worker (David Cameron) quote
2005 reunion announced
Board elections results - new board
Send us your family information
Enews list growing
The Everlasting Spires excerpts, by Wallace Alan Raynor
James and Charles Livingston - Slow of Speech but Faithful to the End, by Ron Watt
LFN_2004_07 lfn-2004-07.html lfn-2004-07.pdf
Feb 2004 31 1 2004 Livingston Family Reunion - Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons
Relationships are your most valuable family commodity!
1917 Home of William and Annie Livingston on National Register
2003 Reunion Report - a "whopping success"
Write your own History - How to get started
James C Livingston Life Sketch - by Donley Despain
Lewis Ray Livingston - A Brief Life Synopsis
LFN_2004_02 lfn-2004-01.html lfn-2004-01.pdf
May 2003 30 2 2003 Livingston Family Reunion - Birch Creek
Livingston Family Association Board of Directors
Memories from 1974 reunion in Birch Creek - Lillias L. Quintana
LFN_2003_05 lfn-2003-05.html lfn-2003-05.pdf
Jan 2003 30 1 2003 Livingston Family Reunion - Birch Creek
2002 reunion report
Ron Livingston is reprinting Archibald Livingston book
Thomas Leland Despain - Autobiography
Donley Leland Despain - exerpts from personal history
LFN_2003_01 lfn-2003-01.html lfn-2003-01.pdf
Jan 2002 29 1 2002 Reunion announced - Zion Ponderosa (near Zion Canyon)
Mailing list update
Highlights from 2001 reunion, including pictures
Excerpt from Bill Livingstone's talk about Livingston Colliers
The Collier - Bill Livingstone
The Coal Town of Fordel Moor - Robert Adamson
LFN_2002_01 lfn-2002-01-19.html lfn-2002-01-19.pdf
Feb 1998 25 1 1998 Reunion announced - Big Cottonwood Stake Ctr (SLC, UT)
Plans to buy computer for association
Plans to create web site
Report on 1997 family reunion - Montell Seely featured
A Grand Old House (William Dick Livingston) - Nancy L. Law
LFN_1998_02 NA lfn-1998-02.pdf
Apr 1996 23  ? 1996 Reunion announced - Wheeler Historic Farm (SLC, UT)
LaVonne VanOrden - all records from Scotland extraced
Agnes Widdison Livingston history - author unknown
Utah Statehood Centennial Certificate - Agnes Widdison
LFN_1996_04 NA lfn-1996-04.pdf
1994 21  ? 1994 Reunion announced - Eagle Gate Stake Ctr (SLC, UT)
Genealogy Report - LaVonne VanOrden
Brief Synopsis from Memory of the Life of Charles Livingston, by himself
LFN_1994_ NA lfn-1994-MN.pdf
Apr 1993 20  ? 1993 Reunion announced - Pioneer Trails State Park (SLC, UT)
Theme: Honoring our Ancestors who Helped Build the Salt Lake Temple
The Salt Lake Temple - James H. Anderson, CONTRIBUTOR Vol 14, No 8
Pedigree of Archibald Livingston (1808)
LFN_1993_04 NA lfn-1993-04.pdf
Feb 1992 19  ? 1992 Reunion announced - Cherry Hill (Kaysville, UT)
Putting Livingston genealogy on computer
News from Bill & Jean Livingstone of Scotland
Pictures & captions of St. Bridget's Church (Dalgety Parish)
Picutres of Red Row and School Row
LFN_1992_02 NA NA
Apr 1990 17  ? 1990 Reunion announced - Lion House & theatre, SLC, UT
Bill & Jean's Livingston visit
Putting family history on computer
Mailing list: over 500 on the list
LFN_1990_04 NA NA
Apr 1989 16  ? 1989 Reunion announced - Park City
Scottish Days Festival
Attendees from 1988 reunion
LFN_1989_04 NA NA
May 1988 15  ? 1988 Reunion announced - Midway, UT LFN_1988_05 NA NA
May 1986 13  ? 1986 Reunion announced - Wheeler Historic Farm SLC LFN_1986_05 NA NA
May 1985 12  ? 1985 Reunion announced - Canyon Rim area SLC LFN_1985_05 NA NA
Oct 1984 11  ? Reunion report - Forest Dale Ward SLC
Replaced Granny's headstone
Christina "Granny" Livingston skit - Nancy L Law
LFN_1984_10 NA NA
Feb 1984 11  ? Reunion set for June 15, 1984 LFN_1984_02 NA NA
Mar 1983 10  ? Reunion report. Board list. Next reunion set Jun 25, 1983 LFN_1983_03 NA NA
Jun 1982 9  ? ***MISSING*** LFN_1982_06 NA NA
Mar 1982 9  ? Reunion update LFN_1982_03 NA NA
Jan 1980 7 21 1980 reunion announcement - August 9 in SLC
Livingston book ready for publication
Research report: Ariel Crowley & Bill Livingstone - Henderson family records
1980 Scottish activities - Highland Games & Scottish Ball
Purpose of Livingston Family Organization
Purpose of your own family organization
List of bulletins and information included therein
James Campbell Livingston Sr - The Spy
Verified Group Sheets
Officers of the Livingston Family Organization Committee
LFN_1980_01 lfn-1980-01-26-Num-21.html NA
May 1979 6 20 1 double-sided page LFN_1979_05 NA NA
 ??? ???? 6 19 ***MISSING*** NA NA NA
Jan 1979 6 18 This will be "the year of the book"
Reunion in July at Birch Creek. Took Aerial photo for book - will identify houses.
New board members
James and Charles Livingston - Slow of Speech but Faithful to the End - Ron G. Watt
Picture of Birch Creek Sunday School
LFN_1979_01 lfn-1979-01-15-Num-18.html lfn-1979-01-15-Num-18.pdf
Jun 1978 5 17 Reunion reminder - July 7-8, 1978
Appreciation to family members
Enclosures: Picture family group sheet - Wm & Lillias Dick Livingston
Utah Scottish Association - Highland Games notice
LFN_1978_06 NA NA
Feb 1978 5 16 Report on progress in 1977 - research, book, etc.
1978 Reunion - date changed to uly 7-8, Place to Birch Creek
Report on book - Ron Livingston
Help with research sought
Board meeting notice
LFN_1978_02 NA NA
Oct 1977 4 15 Livingston Family Association organization overview
Board member profiles
Reunion report 1977
Photos solicited
LFN_1977_10 NA NA
 ??? ???? 14 ***MISSING*** NA NA NA
Feb 1977 4 13 Research report - Judge Crowley
Finance report
Progress report on the Book - Ron Livingston
Reunion notice - June 24-25, 1977 at Tanner's Flat (Little Cottonwood)
Pedigree Charts and research notes
LFN_1977_02 NA NA
Oct 1976 3 12 Reunion report: visitors from UT, CA, ID, CO, AZ, AR
Board election results
Picture of JCL and three wives together exists. [Where is it???]
Picture group sheet of Archibald Livingston & children
History of Jane Harrocks Livingston
LFN_1976_10 NA NA
May 1976 3  ? Submitted 50 names to temple, with an equal number being prepared
Geneologist in Scotland working on Connor line.
Judge Crowley working on Livingston line
1976 Reunion announced
LFN_1976_05 NA NA
Feb 1976 3  ? Book assignment report
Research report and letter from Mr Whyte
Bill Livingstone's "Livingstoun Family from Ye Coultoun of Fordel"
LFA overview: non-profit, donations, hired researcher, bulletins
Reunion: scheduled for June 18-19 at Mapleton, UT
LFN_1976_02 NA NA
Nov 1975 2  ? Reunion report: got wet, had fun!
Received audio tape from Bill.
LaFern Johnson - picture of James & Agnes at Birch Creek home
Research report: Livingston line has slowed - other lines progressing.
Making connections with the Widdison Family Organization
Book: Assignments made to collect family group sheets from each line
Financial update: 1975 was in deficit. Received charity status from IRS.
Annie Elizabeth Muir Livingston history & group sheet
LFN_1975_11 NA NA
Jun 1975 2  ? Reunion reminder
Request for family group sheets, histories, pictures for book
Financial update: balanced, but research means more money needed
Research report: more exciting news.
Letter from Bill
Bill and his uncle Archibald made honorary members of LFA
Mr. Whyte: search for Jean Bain continues. Rates risen to $30/day.
In Remembrance: Dr. A. M. Livingston died May 23, 1975
LFN_1975_06 NA NA
Mar 1975 2  ? Reunion set for June 20-21, 1975 in Birch Creek
Proposed to alternate reunion between Birch Creek & SLC
Research report - very exciting finds in Livingston & Bain lines
Bill Livingstone, of Dunfermline, found!
Ron & Ted Livingston selected for book committee
Wanda Bond & Enid Cox on research committee
John Riggs is secretary
Margaret & Dale Livingston are co-chairmen
P.J. moving to CA, but still going to keep mailing list computerized
LFN_1975_03 lfn-1975-03-28.html lfn-1975-03-28.pdf
Nov 1974 1  ? Reunion report: Despain Ranch. Over 100 attended
Shared family histories at fireside.
Lillias L Quintana family history, stories from Aunt Jill
Lefern Despain Johnson family history
Family meeting - board elections, hired Dr. Ariel Crowley to research,
Voted to find researcher in Scotland.
Geneology report (post-reunion): Hired Donald Whyte, Esq. from West Lothian, Scotland. Encouraged by early findings.
Financial update - many generous donations received. In good shape.
Solicited address list updates. List stands at 290.
History of Charles Livingston. Family group sheets for Charles.
The Livingstons of Livingston - history of the name.
LFN_1974_11 lfn-1974-11.html NA
May 1974 1  ? Reminder about family reunion 1974
Donations have made it possible to hire research firm
LFN_1974_05 NA NA
2 1 Note from 1974 reunion chairman Donley Despain
Research Report - Ron Livingston, Research Chairman
Money roundup - Report from P.J. Livingston, Finance chairman
 ? 1973 Reunion report
1974 Reunion announced - Birch Creek
Financial Business
Genealogy report - letter from Roberta Lindsay
Family news
History of James Campbell Livingston
1 2 1973 Reunion reminder & agenda
Nomination of new officers
Family news in Bulletin - suggestions?
Tax deduction still questioned
Membership roster
Archibald Livingston (1808) Pedigree
Spring 1973 1 1 Family meeting scheduled - research report
1972 Reunion report - Parley's Canyon
1973 Reunion announced - Despain Property at Birch Creek
Contributions ($5) due
History of Christina Campbell Livingston
LFN_1973_01 NA NA
 ? 1972 Reunion announced - George Washington Park in Parley's Canyon
Research report
Missing Person Department
History of James Campbell Livingston
 ? 1967 Reunion announced - Gra Park, Provo, UT NA NA NA
Jul 1965 3 1964 Reunion report - Rotary Park in Provo Canyon on July 15
1965 Reunion announced - "Spruces" in Big Cottonwood Canyon, SLC, UT
Robert L. Lindsay (genealogist) report
Family group sheets sought
Information about John Dobbie desired
Family marriages
Newsletter named - Livingston Clan Courier
Wm. Dick Livingston group sheet available
Missionaries in the field
Recollections of the Livingston Family in Utah - Wm. Dobbie Kuhre
Unknown addresses
LFN_1965_07 NA NA
 ? 1963 Reunion report
Family association roster
Seeking family co-ordinators
In Memoriam
 ??? ???? 1 1961 Reunion announced - Wildwood, Provo Canyon, UT NA NA NA
Jul 1958  ? Letter announcing 1958 reunion.
Postcards enclosed to send to familes.
Piano to be provided.
LFN_1958_07 letter-1958-07-11.html NA
Jan 1927  ? Letter from finance committee announcing open dues policy. LFN_1927_01 letter-1927-01-03.html NA

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