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LIVINGSTON, William Dick (1871)

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William Dick Livingston
Full name William Dick Livingston
Born March 26 1871(1871-03-26)
Place of birth Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Died day year
Place of death

William Dick Livingston was born in Salt Lake City March 26, 1871. As a small boy he moved to a farm known as Birch Creek. Here he helped his father on the farm. He was the oldest of twelve children, five sisters and six brothers.

He attended school in a little one room school house under one teacher. He loved to read. He read by candlelight any book that became available. He saw how farm work took its toll from his father and mother so decided to become educated. He worked real hard on the farm pitching hay and other hard labor.

As a young man he set himself up as a school teacher. He taught in the little town of Wales, Sanpete Co., Utah. He traveled back and forth on the back of a horse. At night he studied law. He was admitted to the bar Feb 2, 1896. He later became County Attorney of Sanpete Co. He married Annie Bolette Andersen, a school teacher of Fountain Green.

He became active in the LDS Church. He obtained a wonderful testimony. He taught an adult class in Sunday School. He became a High Priest and was called upon to do much public speaking at sacrament meetings, funerals, cottage meetings, etc. He believed firmly in fasting and prayer. He witnessed many healings and other manifestations of the priesthood.

In 1908 he gave up law and gave his attention to mining and irrigation. He was the leader in building the Price Irrigation Co. Before this Price was a desert. He moved to Salt Lake City in 1908 but later moved back to Manti. Here he was active in civic projects and politics. He was president and secretary of the Deseret Mining Co. He was interested in growing enterprises.

Although his heart was in Crystal Springs, the farm he had built as his home (on this farm he raised jersey cattle and other farm animals, built a beautiful home, planted fruit and other trees). This farm was his hobby. He had an overseer run the farm on shares giving him two thirds of the profit and most of the responsibility. He operated a dairy which sold butter and cheese — also ice cream. This was operated from water power from a natural warm spring above the farm. Below the spring he built a pond. This pond was enjoyment for most of the boys of Manti.

William Livingston was of a very generous nature. He allowed the residents of Manti to pluck watercress from the spring or picnic on the farm.

He loved the wild flowers that grew on the hills and in the meadow. He gave the children dogs, pigeons, rabbits, and even a peacock and a parrot. In 1915 he moved his family to Holladay — a suburb of Salt Lake City. Here he built a beautiful home in a grove of pines. He called this "The Pines." He grew to love this home even more than he had loved Crystal Springs. Here he became active in school and civic work.

He was interested in the boys and girls. He saw in them future men and women upon whose shoulders would soon fall the responsibility of citizenship. He promoted the Independent, the Irving School paper. He built for the future. He planned great things, he dreamed great dreams. He helped beautify the Holladay Cemetery.

He became counselor to Frank F. Quist of the Holladay 1st Ward. The people loved him and came to him with their problems.

He was the father of six sons and two daughters. He saw three sons go away to take part in World War I. He was a leader. He personally met Theodore Roosevelt and Howard Taft.

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