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Cedar Cliff

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Cedar Cliff (Birch Creek)

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Cedar Cliff (aka Birch Creek) was a settlement located to the south and west of Fountain Green in Sanpete County Utah, USA.[1]

Archibald book[2]

Sanpete County

A History of Sanpete County.[3]

The Other 49ers[4]

Utah's Community Beginnings[5]



The Railroad

Lots of good stuff about the creeper, including links to Saga of the Sanpitch articles[6]and stuff.


Clifton had the first one.[2]

Houses and other Buildings

"They had brought from Fountain Green a building which had been used as a furniture store, and they converted it inot a school as well as a place to meet for church services. The building had been donated to Cedar Cliffs by William and Lillian Livingston. The building was later returned to Fountain Green, placed just west of the bank building, and became a pool hall. It was later destroyed by fire."



"Last Friday Birch Creek, a suburb, celebrated May-day in the mountains. Some large swings were erected and a good time is reported."[7]

"A grand time will be had here on Friday, 14th. A jubilee of the schools of Wales, Cedar Cliff and this place will be held here. Moroni was invited to join but declined the honor, no doubt thinking themselves too high in the scale of society to visit us. A large, handsome and convenient bowery is being built and everything possible will be done to accommodate our visitors that their visit might remain a bright picture in their album of memory."[8]



Leaving Birch Creek


Note: Residence dates in this timeline (indicated by the blue section of each individual's line) are not verified, and likely inaccurate. If anyone has a source for nailing down these dates, it would be very interesting.

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