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LIVINGSTON, Christina Campbell (1789)

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Christina Campbell Livingston
Christina Campbell Livingston
Full name Christina Campbell Livingston
Born February 14 1789(1789-02-14)
Place of birth Fordell, Dalgety, Fife, Scotland
Died October 12 1876
Place of death Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah


Birth and Childhood in Scotland

Not much is known about Christina's birth and childhood. The birth record for Christina appears on page 605 of the Dalgety parish records. It reads:

"Christian lawful daughter of Robt Livistone & Ann Campbell was born 14 Feby. 1789

With no personal record of her childhood, we can only speculate about conditions based on the written record of others about the surrounding area and conditions...

Married Life

No parish record has been for the marriage of Christina and James. The only known written record was recorded by their grandson James in his Millennial Star books where he records that they were married October 9th, 1807. The fact that no parish record has been found documenting their birth has led some to speculate that their marriage was irregular, perhaps due to their being first cousins[1].

As with Christina's childhood, very little is known about her married life...

Raising Her Grandchildren

Christina was left a widow a few months short of her 32nd wedding anniversary, when James died in July 1839. Ten years later, in 1849, her oldest son Archibald and his 2nd wife Jean died within three months of each other, leaving Christina to raise their seven living children (Jane having died in 1847).

Conversion and Baptism

- very soon after death of son & daughter-in-law
- Granny baptized first?
- other family baptized
- some family not baptized?


- route

Life in Salt Lake City


Death and Legacy

See Also


  1. James and Christina Livingston - Where did they live?

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