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LFA Newsletter Volume 41, Issue 1 (Spring 2014)

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Livingston Family Association Logo.gif

1283 Logan Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Volume: 41 Issue: 1 Date: Spring 2014


Livingston Family Reunion - June 21st

Chase Mill

The 2014 Livingston Family Reunion will be held June 21st at 10:30 am the Historic Chase Mill and Tracy Aviary in Liberty Park. Print a flyer about the reunion

The first Livingston reunion was held at Liberty Park in 1927. We are returning to celebrate the Legacy that our ancestors have given us. We will be meeting at The Chase Mill, a restored building at Liberty Park, where Ellen Harrocks, the wife of Charles Livingston worked with her mother as a child. We will have free entrance to The Tracy Aviary, a beautiful site in Liberty Park which has a collection of approximately 400 birds, many are considered rare or endangered. We will also be visiting Garden, a unique sculpture garden created by Thomas Battersby Child, grandson of Charles Livingston which is now part of the Salt Lake Parks System.

We encourage you to join us to make memories with your family and to meet or re-connect with other members of the Livingston clan. A Pot Luck Lunch will be at 12:30, (please bring a salad or a side or dessert to enter in the Livingston Bake off. At 1:00 pm a trainer will bring two large birds so we can enjoy a close up encounter with the birds. The Traveling Trophy goes to the line with the most people in attendance. William has won three times and James once, who will be next?

An Invitation to help complete temple work for Granny's relatives June 20th at the Salt Lake Temple

We are VERY EXCITED to announce that we have the opportunity to do the temple work for more than 60 “cousins” who are the descendants of Granny’s siblings. Join us Friday at 5:30 for the 6:00 pm session. What a thrill to do temple work for Livingstons in the very temple that our ancestors helped to build. If you would like to help do initiatory work or endowments before June 20th, or participate in this event, please email Lorraine Misener, lmisener@dsdmail.net or call her at 801-298-1455. Lorraine will be coordinating the temple trip. Read the article below "Lets Find Cousins" to see how these family members were found.

Tour of Gilgal Sculpture Garden

Joseph Smith Sphinx at Gilgal Garden

Please join us for a tour of Gilgal Garden, created by Thomas Battersby Child Jr, grandson of Charles Livingston on June 21st at 9:30 or 10:00.

Thomas B. Child, Jr. put his heart and soul and testimony into the sculpture garden and it is a joy to browse through and enjoy with your family. Gilgal Garden is nationally recognized as one of only two gardens in the entire country which was constructed to express a personal spiritual conviction in material means. Historians consider it to be a National and a State treasure. It sits on a one half acre site and contains numerous rock sculptures weighing from one to seventy eight tons. Shown here is one of them. Come to the Livingston Family Reunion to find out its philosophical interpretation. Gilgal Garden is a part of the Livingston family heritage. There will be 20 minute guided tours at 9:30 and 10:00. You won’t be sorry you took the time.

Announcing 2015 Reunion at Heber Valley Girls Camp June 19-20, 2015

You can reserve a cabin early that sleeps 16 for $55.00, or reserve individual beds for $4.00 each by emailing board@livingstonfamily.org. Check out the amazing activity options.

The Livingston Legacy Lives On Through Mary Ann Swalberg

Submitted By Karolyn Hall, Newsletter
Mary Ann & Dave as Missionaries in Oklahoma City

I am proud to have Livingston blood in my veins. Every time I hear the bagpipes, I want to speak with a “Scottish Brogue”. I feel very thankful to those valiant ancestors of mine who came to the Salt Lake Valley for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the mid 1800’s at great sacrifice. Every time I read my great grandfather, Charles Livingston’s history, I wish I could thank him and my great grandmother, Ellen Harrocks Livingston, personally for their sacrifice. I look forward to the time that I can. I am so grateful to be living in this beautiful valley surrounded by the Wasatch Mountains where I was born and raised and have been able to raise my children. I guess this is why I love working on family history.

I have been involved in family history since I was about 18 years old and helped my father, Joseph Henry Prows, write his history before he passed away on Christmas Day, 1966. I knew I had to become involved, as I was the youngest of the grandchildren on my father’s side, and the youngest granddaughter on my mother, Florence Smith Prows’s side. She was the daughter of Enoch Smith and Ellen Livingston Smith, and encouraged me in my endeavor.

I remember going to my first Livingston reunion when Bill Livingstone came from Scotland and gave a slide show on Friday night and my mother and husband, Dave Swalberg, went with me. As I saw those slides of Scotland, I felt a “stirring” inside of me and thought at the time that I would love to go to Scotland. The next day I met Bill and Jean Livingstone and in talking to them, got their address so I could communicate with them at some time.

I wasn’t very long after the Livingston reunion that I won a trip to England and my husband and I added a couple of days to the trip so we could go to Scotland. We made the arrangements and then wrote Bill Livingstone to see if he would be willing to meet with us when we got there. He and Jean were very gracious and showed us around Dunfermlin, Scotland and took us to the church near the “Firth of Forth” and the North Sea, where “Granny” Christine and James Livingston were married as well as other places in Scotland. Just walking on the same ground as the Livingstons walked thrilled me to the bone!

It was after this trip that I went to a reunion at “This is the Place Heritage Park” and volunteered myself to be on the Livingston Family Association board in the business meeting. This began a wonderful journey with Enid Cox and other members of the LFA board. I took some time off in the middle, but have loved the association of the family members and the wonderful reunions we have planned and been a part of, as well as the family history and temple work we have done.
Mary Ann & Dave Swalberg Family

My husband, Ernest David Swalberg, and I have been married for 46 years and have five wonderful children (three boys and 2 girls), and 16 grandchildren (8 boys and 8 girls). They have all learned about their ancestors throughout the years by our involvement in family history, and our family stories have been used many times for school assignments or talks.

My husband and I have served two missions for the Church. The first one was to the Florida Tallahassee Mission where we served as proselyting missionaries, however, a big part of our missionary work was with family history. The second mission was to the Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Mission where we served in the mission office and in the Tuttle, Oklahoma Branch on weekends. Again, a big part of our missionary efforts were with Family History and Temple work. I don’t know what my life would be like without family history work. I spend a lot of time at the computer and LOVE IT!!

At present I am the Hillside Ward Family History Consultant in Murray, Utah and also serve in the Stake Family History Library one day a week. I have seen the development of the family history programs in the church from their infancy and am so thankful for the technologies we now have to help us in this wonderful effort. FamilySearch Family Tree is “where it’s at”! I encourage you all to explore it and you will find wonderful treasures there. Just for fun, register yourself on FamilySearch.org and begin a fascinating journey through the realms of your Family Tree. If you need help, you can get it from your ward family history consultant or from the website. The newest and greatest innovation is called “Puzzilla” and you will have a great time. I know there are a lot of mistakes on the Livingston line, but that is what we are all here for…….to correct them. The LFA is working on it and we need your help.

“We discover something about ourselves when we learn about our ancestors”, President Thomas S. Monson, “Constant Truths for Changing Times, Ensign, May 2005

The Livingston Family Association's Focus for Family History

by Bob Folsom, Family History

The Livingston Family Association's FOCUS for Family History Work is to insure the accuracy and completeness of the Livingston Family Genealogy on FamilySearch.org. We also want to make sure all temple work has been completed.

We want to extend an invitation to help us accomplish the following items.

  1. Verify that the genealogy shown in the green Archibald Livingston book (FOR YOUR FAMILY) is accurate and properly recorded on FamilySearch.org.
  2. Make updates and corrections to the Livingston genealogy portions on the existing Family Search records, where needed. There are errors and discrepancies. Research may be required. There probably is additional information in our personal genealogy which is not on the church records. This information should be used to update the church records. If you need help navigating the software, just check with a Family History Representative or use the tutortial on the website.
  3. Add Livingston genealogy pictures and stories on FamilySearch.org and share them with LFA.

YOU Can Make A Difference

by Dana Rogers, Chairman

If you have an interest in something and dedicate some time to learning how to become proficient at it, you will find SATISFACTION and JOY, especially when the interest involves Family History. It doesn't take very long to learn enough to get started. The more time we spend looking for, finding and adding names, photos and stories the more the spirit of Elijah works on us. Jaynann Lillywhite has made a BIG DIFFERENCE. Read the article she shared below explaining how she found the 36 cousins we will be doing temple work for on June 20th at the Salt Lake Temple.

Let's Find Cousins

by Jaynann Lillywhite, Family History Committee

Over the last couple of years I have been excited to find hundreds of my cousins (uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. of our direct-line ancestors—grandparents, great-grandparents etc) to add to my family tree and to take to the temple.

Here are some suggestions on how to join the fun:

  1. Start with ancestors you are familiar with, so you know that you are starting with accurate information and your family. Work your way back to the 1800s because you have to have permission to do the temple work for those born in the last 110 years, or, be their closest living relative. Great Britain is a great place to research since records are easier to find than in the US.
  2. Look for incomplete families on FamilySearch.org. No spouse, a couple without children, a family with a gap larger than 3 years, missing parents, etc., often indicates there is somebody missing in that family.
  3. Look through historical records like birth and marriage records, censuses, etc., to find those missing persons. Simply go to your ancestor’s detail page in the “FamilyTree” on familysearch.org. Then, click on the “Search Records” button. The computer searches for documents possibly related to your ancestor. Click on a record to verify that it is the right person by comparing parent names, dates etc. Search online for other places to find records. Example: Google “Scotland Vital Records”
  4. Attach the document, if the document applies, by clicking “Attach to Family Tree.” As you find historical records, they will name other family members. Make sure all the family members are present and accounted for on FamilyTree. If not, add them in FamilyTree and attach the historical record. (Don’t forget to give your email or phone number in your settings, so we can collaborate and discuss!)

An Example (How I found descendants of Grannys Siblings): I looked at Robert Livingston and Agnes Ann Campbell’s children and grandchildren on FamilyTree at familysearch.org. I noticed their grandson, Archibald (son of Duncan Livingston), was listed without a wife. I first verified that Duncan had a son named Archibald born in 1854 by finding his family’s census records for 1861 and 1871 on Ancestry.com. An 1891 census record had an Archibald Livingston with a wife (Annie) and children; including a Duncan (family names were repeated). I researched that family by finding birth records for those children on the website ScotlandsPeople and discovered their mother’s maiden name (Anna McDonald). The marriage record on the same site listed both Anna’s and Archibald’s parents’ names. This was our Archibald! He had a wife and 7 children to add to the tree!

PS Don’t be afraid to ask for help to get started. FamilySearch has many tutorials under Help. The helpline at FamilySearch is 1-866-406-1830. I can help over the phone. (505-632-2514 Jaynann Lillywhite) There are thousands of cousins waiting to be found!

Scottish Events this summer in Utah

June 13-14, 2014 Scottish Days and Highland Games, Thanksgiving Point Electric Park, 3003 North Thanksgiving Way, Lehi, Watch Highland Dancing, piping and drumming competitions etc. In each tent, find clan history, photos of clan events, members, and other historical information. http://www.thanksgivingpoint.org/events/scottishfestival

July 11-12, 2014, FREE The 31st Annual Payson Scottish Festival and Highland Games will be held at Memorial Park in Payson, Utah. The Payson Scottish Festival is a free, community sponsored event for the whole family. The events begin Friday night and continue on Saturday with Highland Athletics, Bagpipe and Drum Competitions, and Highland Dancing, food etc. http://highlandgamesutah.sitebones.com

Abbreviated History of Thomas Battersby Child Jr.

compiled by Mary Ann Swalberg

Thomas Battersby Child, Jr. 1888-1963

Thomas B Child Jr (holding son Robert) his brother Art, sisters Nell and Lucile and father Thomas Battersby Child, Sr 1917
The following history is made from “bits and pieces” taken from two hard-back handwritten journals typed by Hortense Child Smith in 1992. The history was 79-pages long and the personal journal written in 1961 by Thomas B. Child, who lived from May 6, 1888 to November 3, 1963 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He prefaces the journal with one of his favorite quotes from William Wordsworth:
For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or pensive mood,
That flash upon the inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

I was born May 6, 1888 at 145 South 7th East in Salt Lake City, Utah in the home of my great grandmother, Ann Rutter Harrocks – she having died two months previous to my birth and my parents having moved into her home. Grandma Harrocks built the home and moved in with her three daughters on Christmas Day, 1855. [His parents were Thomas Battersby Child and Elizabeth Livingston, who was the daughter of Charles Livingston and his first wife, Jane Harrocks.]

I lived in the old Harrocks home until our new home was completed on the east end of her lot. My father and mother thought a street would be cut north and south through the block, which never worked out much to their chagrin and embarrassment. The only entrance to the property was a driveway between the old Harrocks home and Grandpa Livingston’s. Our yard, as were all the yards at that time, was orchards and gardens. Very little of the fruit had a chance to ripen with us boys around. My mother dried the fruit and kept it for the winter in flour sacks.

To learn more, please read the complete article about Thomas Battersby Child Jr.

Thanks to You Who Have Donated to our Family Organization

by Enid Cox, Treasurer

We appreciate your support and interest in the Livingston Family Association. We are changing our request from “paying dues” to “making donations” as you can. You are all important members of our family and we hope you will come and participate in the Livingston Reunions – donations or not! The most important thing is learning about our ancestors, becoming acquainted with our relatives and instilling a love of our heritage in our families.

Board of Directors

Board members 2013-2014. Front: Mary Ann, Enid, Karolyn, Dana, Daidre; Back: Richard, Bob, Trent
Name Assignment Line Term Expires
Dana Rogers Chairperson Charles Line2016
Mary Ann Swalberg Vice Chair/Secretary Charles Line2015
Daidre Francom Reunion Chair James Line2015
Richard Cook Reunion Co Chair William Line2016
Enid Cox Secretary/Treasurer James Line2014
Bob Folsom Family History Co-Chair Charles Line2016
Lorraine Misener Family History Co-Chair Charles Line2014
Trent Lewis Web Assistant, Membership James Line 2015
Karolyn Hall Newsletter James Line 2014

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