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Great resources for doing research. If you find anything interesting, or can suggest other sites, PLEASE let me know.

Lots of the relevant records for our family are for mort cloth rentals. A mort cloth, or pall, was a (probably) black drape that was used to cover the casket from the home to the church to the grave. They were probably too poor to buy a casket, so they rented one from the church. The body would have been wrapped in linens, placed in the casket, and covered with the mort cloth. Once at the grave, the mort cloth would be removed and the body tipped into the grave.

Here are the Livingston references I found on a quick scan on a per-page basis. Some of them are very clearly ours. Some of them are possibly ours.

1803 - 1804:
July 16, 1803: To Catherine Livingston (death)

1808 - 1810:
Nov 5, 1809: To David Muirie & Helen Livingston

1811 - 1812:
Sept 6, 1812: To Alexr McLuckie & Janet Livingston (marriage)

1813 - 1815:
Dec 24, 1815: To Jas Livingston & Margt Clarkson (marriage)

1823 - 1825:
March 17, 1823: To George Cowan ? Livingstone ? (death)
Sept 16, 1824: To Robert Livingstone Shotts Iron Works (death)
July 24, 1825: To Robt Black & Helen Livingston (marriage)

1826 - 1829:
March 12, 1826: To Duncan Livingstone in this parish & Jane Clarkson in the parish of Bothwell (marriage)

1820 - 1832:
Oct 12, 1830: To Saml Livingstone SIW born Septr 29 1830 (death)
Dec 2, 1832: To Archibald Livingstone & Helen Connor both in this Parish (marriage)

1833 - 1835:
Oct 27, 1833: To Hugh Thom & Agnes Livingstone both in this Parish (marriage)
May 24, 1834: To Agnes Livingstone Airdrie aged 6 Mos (death)

1836 - 1837:
Jan 11, 1834: To Edward Campbell and Agnes Livingston at Shotts Iron Works both in this Parish (marriage)
Mar 21, 1835:To Walter McLuckie in the Parish of New Monkland & Jane Livingstone in this Parish (marriage)
Apr 12, 1835: To Agnes Campbell, Widow of the Deceased Robt Livingstone at Shotts Iron Works aged 70 yrs (mort cloth)
Oct 18, 1837: To Helen Conner Wife of Archd Livingston aged 26 (mort cloth)

1840 - 1842:
Aug 27, 1841: Archibald, Son of James Livingstone Miner Raw Yards 3 years (mort cloth)
Sept 8, 1841: Janet, Daughter of James Livingstone Miner, Raw Yards 11 years (mort cloth)
Feb 9, 1838: To Jane Livingstone wife of Walter McLuckie Minor Lindsay aged 21 years (mort cloth)
Jul 22, 1838: Robert, son of James Livingstone Shotts Iron Works aged 12 years (mort cloth)
Jun 8, 1839: James Livingstone, Collier, Shotts Iron Works, aged 56 years (mort cloth)
Sept 22, 1839: Peter Torrance & Catharine Livingstone both in this Parish (marriage)

1846 - 1850r:
Jan 25, 1847: Jean, Daughter of Archibald Livingstone, Collier, Airdrie, aged 6 years
March 24, 1847: An Infant child of Duncan Livingstone, Collier, Airdrie, aged 1 month
April 30, 1849: Archibald Livingstone, Miner, Airdrie, aged 40 years
May 11, 1849: Thomas, Son of Livingstone Forsyth Collier, Shotts Works, 2 years
April 21, 1846: Samuel, Son of Duncan Livingstone Miner, Airdrie aged 6 months

So we have an Archibald Livingstone paying for Jean's Mort Cloth (aka Pall) on January 25, 1847. Age 6 yrs. We have a Jane Livingston, daughter of Archibald, as dying in Shotts on Jan 25, 1847, but our records show Jane as being born in 1814 and therefore age 23 at death. So perhaps a coincidence and a different archibald and different jean/jane. Or perhaps we have bad info on our Jane? Just a thought.

Archibald 1808 is certainly the one listed - died April 30, 1849.

http://www.shottshistorygroup.co.uk/mortcloth%20rental.htm has some fascinating information about the various mort cloths the parish acquired, along with the rental price increases over the years; to wit:

1709: Names of those that hath gotten the mortcloth that was bought anno 1708 in the month of august

1726: decemer 2 from this time forth the Session have Ras(?) this mortcloth to 2 lib Scots & 2 shillings Scots Monny whereof 3 Shill Scots money to their officers

? 1724:? of these, who have the new (?) late by bought by Mr Law & which ? in the room of Murdostoun mortcloth (?)price whereof is 3lb & 12 sh Scots of which 4 sh more forsd is ordered to be (gi)ven to the officer of the Session.

? 1726 from this time forth this mortcloth (ren?)ted by the Session to 3 lib Scots monny where ? to their officers

? 1729: An account of the Mortcloath thar Gneorries sm? 29th 1729 The best Mortcloath

1734: The second Mortcloath Renewed and Changed ? velvet to a phyh the whole of its purchase amounts to fourty four pounds twelve shillings Scots, and every one for hireing the same is to pay half a crown therof two shi(llings) to him who takes care of the saimm

http://www.shottshistorygroup.co.uk/mortality%20book.htm breaks it down more clearly (the haves and the have nots):
Mortality Book divided into three parts
Part 1st containing the names of those who had the best Mortcloth
Part iind those who had the Second Mortcloth and
Part iiird those who had the worst Cloth
Also the date of their respective Funerals and place of abode

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