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SPALDING, Jean (1913)

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Jean Spalding Newren
Full name Jean Spalding
Born October 4 1913(1913-10-04)
Place of birth Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Died day year
Place of death  ???



I was born 4th of Oct, 1913 at the family home in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah of Van Dusan Spalding and Elizabeth Livingston. Father died 22nd of June, 1916. A few years after that Grandma Elizabeth McLain Livingston came to live with us. I have many tender memories of Grandma's stories of her early days of Salt Lake City and raising her two sons and two daughters alone without a husband.

My growing up was a happy time. I married Elmer Bernard Newren on the 17th of August 1931 in Nephi, Utah. We had one child, a son, whom we named Bernard McLain Newren, after his paternal Grandfather and l wanted to have some of my family name carried on. He was a premature baby, weighing three and one half pounds at birth. We had to leave him in the hospital for one month till he weighed four pounds. During that month they allowed us to have him out of the incubator long enough to have him blessed and named by his Granfather Bernard Newren and his Uncle Leo Ray Jensen.

Mac, as we called him, grew up to be a healthy man. He married Dolores Ann Tonnesen and from that union were born four girls and two boys. Ann was killed in an automobile accident on 19th of Nov, 1962. Mac was in the Army, so my husband and I took the six children to raise. In 1966 my husband and I divorced, and that led to my following my son to various Army Posts in the United States with six children until his re-marriage in 1973. That was when I "retired" and moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico.

In 1974 I became house Mother to the Pi Beta Phi Sorority. I traded a family of six for a family of fifty girls, which has been a pleasant and gratifying experience.

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