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When you start digging into your family history there will inevitably be mysteries. On this page we list some of the mysteries our cousins could use some help with. If you have mysteries you would like help with, let us know (board@livingstonfamily.org).


If you can help us identify an of the unidentified people below, please let us know at board@livingstonfamily.org. To see a full size version of any photo, just click on it.

Mystery Photos
# Photo (click for full size) Submitted Notes Solved!

1 Image_0001_sm.jpg 26-May-2011
2 Image_0002_sm.jpg 26-May-2011
3 Image_0003_sm.jpg 26-May-2011
4 Image_0004_sm.jpg 26-May-20
Ann (Annie) Livingston, daughter of Charles and Ellen Livingston,

never married. A duplicate photo is owned by George Burbidge and has Annie's name on the back of the photo.

by Lorraine Misner 4/11/2013
6 Image_0006_sm.jpg 26-May-2011
8 Image_0008_sm.jpg 26-May-2011
9 Image_0009_sm.jpg 26-May-2011
11 Image_0011_sm.jpg 26-May-2011
12 Image_0012_sm.jpg 26-May-2011
14 Image_0014_sm.jpg 26-May-2011
15 Image_0015_sm.jpg 26-May-2011
16 Image_0016_sm.jpg 26-May-2011 Identified by Lorraine Misner

Peter Harrocks, older broher of Daniel (father of Ellen and Jane Harrocks- wives of Charles Livingston) Photo in a book about Brigham Young which was labeled Peter Harrocks

17 Image_0017_sm.jpg 26-May-2011

19 Image_0019_sm.jpg 26-May-2011 Intified by Lorraine Misener 4/11/2013

Elizabeth Liddell, b. 27 Mar 1861 step sister of Thomas Battersby Child. Photo can also be found on a photo pedigree chart at the DUP under William Barker Child.

20 Image_0020_sm.jpg 26-May-2011
21 Image_0021_sm.jpg 26-May-2011 Identified!!! Louise Erickson has identified this picture. It is her grandmother, Eliza Lavina Smith Livingston married to Charles Livingston, Jr.
22 Image_0022_sm.jpg 26-May-2011
23 Image_0023_sm.jpg 26-May-2011
24 Image_0024_sm.jpg 26-May-2011

Identified by Lorraine Misener 4/11/2013

Marintha Child, 1 Mar 1854, sister of Thomas Battersby Child (husband of Elizabeth Livingston). Her picture is found at the DUP under her name, which is a younger version of this photo.
25 Image_0025_sm.jpg 26-May-2011
26 Image_0026_sm.jpg

27 Image_0027_sm.jpg 26-May-2011 Identified!!! Daniel Harrocks Livingston, born 12 April 1875, son of Charles Livingston, married Annie Manette Armstrong

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