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Livingston, James Campbell - Funeral

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James Campbell Livingston - Funeral

October 21, 1909

Funeral Services of James C. Livingston Sr.

Funeral Services held over the remains of James C. Livingston, Sr., Patriarch, who died on October 21st, 1909. Age - nearly 76 years.

Bishop C. J. Christiansen presiding. Singing on page 143, L.D.S. Hymn Book, “Oh My Father, Thou That Dwellest.” Prayer was offered by Elder Jens M. Jensen. Singing on page 450, “I Need Thee Every Hour.” Bishop W. Kuhre of Sandy was the first speaker, who spoke of the life and labors of James C. Livingston, and said that he knew that Brother Livingston had spent a life of usefulness in the church. James A. Muir, bishop of the Granite ward was the next speaker who said he knew that Brother Livingston had been true to the church, and to his religion. The choir sang on page ??, “Lead Me Gently Home.” Patriarch John Smith was the next speaker, who spoke of his acquaintance with the dead Brother, and he knew him as a truthful, honest, and upright man.

President Anthon H. Lund spoke and said he came to represent the presidency of the church. He said he knew that Brother Livingston was a man true to his religion, and to the leaders of the church, and he spoke of the destiny of the spirit of the faithful when they enter the spirit world, and we have a glorious hope beyond the grave. And he spoke of the glorious resurrection of the faithful and he read from the 40th chapter of Alma, Book of Mormon, and he explained the meaning of the words “Hell,” “Hades,” and “Purgatory.”

Singing by the choir on page 210, “Farewell All Earthly Honors.”

Benediction by Elder James L. Nielson.

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