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LIVINGSTON, Jean (1870)

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Jean Livingston Winsness
Full name Jean Livingston
Born January 12 1870(1870-01-12)
Place of birth Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Died March ??? 1935
Place of death Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah



Jean Livingston, daughter of Archibald Livingston and Elizabeth McClean was born 12 January 1870 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She married George Peter Winsness. He was born in Christiana, Norway on 1 Jan, 1857. They had three children; Ethelyn Sophia Winsness, Archibald Peter Winsness and Karl William Winsness. George was the Purchasing Agent for the D & RG Railroad. They lived in Salt Lake - at one time on "D" Street between 6th and 7th Avenue. Later they moved across the street from Jean's sister "Lizzie" on E Street. Jean was a very organized person. Each Saturday her children had their housecleaning chores to do and their clothes to get ready for Sunday and she saw to it that they completed their tasks before they did anything else. She and her sister "Lizzie" had a very close relationship. George P. Winsness died 21 December 1916. Jean Livingston died of a stroke at her sister's home on E Street, Salt Lake in March 1935.


Ethelyn Sophia Winsness, daughter of Jean Livingston and George Peter Winsness was born in Salt Lake 9 February 1891 and died in Salt Lake 29 November 1911. She is buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

Archibald Peter Winsness, son of Jean Livingston and George Peter Winsness was born 1 February 1893. He married Ethel Robinson on 2 January 1914. They had two daughters Margaret Winsness born 27 November 1914 and Isabell Jean Winsness born in Salt Lake on 20 December 1918. Ethel died 25 Oct 1930. Arch later married Alice Milne. Arch died 6 February 1939 and is buried in Salt Lake City Cemetery. His daughter Isabell Jean died 5 June 1972. Margaret is married to Duane Anderson and living in Salinas California as of this writing (1979). Isabell Jean was married to Ben Rasmussen - divorced and married John Calhoun. She had a daughter Patricia Ann Rasmussen and a son Clayton John Calhoun.

Karl William Winsness, son of Jean Livingston and George Peter Winsness was born in. Salt Lake City 6 September 1895. He married Clarissa C. Cannon in St. George Utah on 1 November 1916. They moved to Salt Lake where their four children were born. They were Ethelyn, Camilla, Elizabeth Jean and Karl Willam Winsness Jr. "Bill", as Karl William Sr was known, ran a plumbing and heating busines. His wife died 25 August 1976 and he died 4 May 1977. His children and grandchildren all live in the Salt Lake area now. (1979)

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