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LIVINGSTON, Archibald (1900)

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ARCHIBALD LIVINGSTON (1900-1953) Son of Archibald Livingston and Eleanor Burt

Archibald Livingston

Archibald (Arch) Livingston was born March 20, 1900 in Salt Lake City, UT to Archibald and Eleanor (Nell) Burt Livingston. He was the third child and only son in a family of five girls. Jean, Elizabeth, Margaret, Marjorie, (twins) and Virginia. His parents were separated (never divorced) after the death of their eldest child, Jean at 12 years old. After this tragedy, Arch quit school and went to work for the Royal Bakery in Salt Lake to support his mother and sisters.

In 1921 Arch, his mother, a brother-in-law and four sisters moved to Los Angeles CA via San Francisco, the only road at that time. When the road wasn't visible, they drove down the railroad tracks. They were members of Adams Ward, the only one in Los Angeles.

Arch opened a Bakery on Eagle Rock Blvd. in the Glassel Park District of Los Angeles. He was told by a worker one day that he had visitor Dusting off the flour from his white clothes, he walked out to see who was there. His cousin Gladys Love and a friend had come from Salt Lake to visit Los Angeles. There, sitting on a flour barrel, was the girl Arch would marry in a few months, Gladys Jane Olsen. Their romance began a few days later when he took her to a movie.

Their courtship was difficult because she lived in Holladay, UT. She was five years younger than he and was a very fun loving girl, while he was more reserved and mature. When he came to visit her in Utah and met her parents, they were very impressed with him. He bought a car for her so she could drive herself to the U of U. to finish out her second year. Their letters depict the insecurity that an inter-state romance entails. On January 6, 1927, they were married in Salt Lake. They had a Temple marriage in Salt Lake on June 11, 1930.

Arch moved his bakery to larger store a few door down and called it "The Livingston Bakery". He had steady customers for years to come. Arch had purchased a lot on nearby Marguerite St. and he and a brother-in-law built a small home on the back of the lot. Son Robert was born on December 22, 1927. Jean was born February 11 , 1929, and Jack, April 22, 1931. Soon, a beautiful new Spanish style home was built in the front. Keith was born December 1, 1932 . They lived happily in this home for seven years, with Arch's mother, sisters and their families living close by. Gladys was the Primary President in the Glendale East Ward. Arch was generous in contributing to the Church and to Missionaries, but was busy cleaning the Bakery on Sundays. He was a very hard worker and continued to be generous to his mother and family members.

Due to increasing traffic, Arch became concerned that their street was un-safe for the children. They took a trip to La Canada, several miles north, and fell in love with the area. In 1938, Arch and Gladys had a beautiful Tudor Home built at 5024 Hill St. Baby Nancy was born July 25, 1938 and Arch was happy with a girl.

This home became a center for friends and relatives. Located on an acre with a sprawling lawn in front, there was room for kids to play safely. Arch was a reserved person, but loved having people around his home. He also enjoyed chickens, canaries, and a horse he purchased for the kids. The good memories of that home, the local school and the idyllic neighborhood made cherished memories for all the Livingston kids.

Even though the children had their turns working at the Bakery, Arch didn't want his boys to become bakers. He felt the work was hard and took too many hours. Gladys helped by doing the books and sometimes worked behind the counter. Along with raising five children and taking her turn as Relief Society President in the La Canada Ward, she had her hands full. It was rare when the Livingston's lived alone, as family members often came for long stretches. Arch had the opportunity to purchase l0 acres of orange trees in Covina, CA, about 20 miles away. It had a large old home on the property (which is now a State Historical sight). For five years he and the boys often drove out there to tend the land. His mother and sister, Virginia, and her son lived there to care for the home until it was sold five years later.

In 1949, Arch's health began to fail. His Doctor felt he should sell the bakery. Jean married Glen Crump, whom she met at BYU. He became a successful businessman, owning two car agencies. (Steven, Susie, Ronald, Brian) Robert went on a Spanish American Mission. Son Jack last saw his father when he handed him his bag, stepping on the train in Salt Lake to leave for a Brazil Mission. Jack feared he might not see his father again.

Keith had just entered the Air Force, and Arch was worried about him having to go to war. By this time, Arch had time to attend church more, and at one particular Stake Conference, the President asked for the parents of Missionaries to stand. Arch stood up. Then he asked for the parent who had two sons on a mission to remain standing. Gladys said Arch felt so proud.

When Robert came home, he went to BYU and met Marilyn Bradshaw, whom he married. Robert entered Dental School which pleased Arch. (Karen, Kathy, Cheryl, Donna). Arch became restless and purchased Nancy's Bakery in Temple City, CA. While there, he had his first stroke.

From this bakery he wrote letters to Jack in Brazil. Thankfully Jack saved every letter, giving a window into the heart of his father. He wrote sentiments that were harder for him to verbalize. Arch lived to see his children well on their way in life, and to know three grandchildren.

He was anxiously awaiting the return of Jack from Brazil . Sadly, he passed away the day before Jack's flight home. Jack met Adele Hepburn at BYU and they married. Jack became a Chemical Engineer in So. CA. (Craig, Lori, Kent, Gary, Darla)

Keith married Marthalene Anderson from his home Ward. Keith, like Robert, became a Dentist. (Cynthia, David, Jennifer, Linda, Alan) Nancy met Fred Whittingham at BYU and they married. Fred played in the NFL and became a Football Coach for BYU, The Rams, The Raiders, and the U of U. (Kyle, Cary, Fred, Brady, Julie, Amy)

Today, ( 2013) Arch and Gladys have 24 successful grandchildren and a posterity too many to count! We feel Arch and Gladys would consider their efforts to be good parents, well worth it. As family, we are so grateful for them.

By Jack's wife, Adele Livingston, who listened through the years to the wonderful memories expressed by Gladys and the children of Arch.

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