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LFA Reunion 2007

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2007 Livingston Family Reunion - "Back to the Beginning"

Despain Ranch, Birch Creek

Anyone with Livingston blood in their veins has a special feeling in their heart for Birch Creek. This was the location of the 2007 reunion and the valley where many of our ancestors settled.

Friday (June 15, 2007) was a day of gathering at Donley Despain's 30 acres, a central location of what was once Birch Creek. The foundation of the old school house is there and you can look to the south where James' place was. Two miles north was William's place.

Tents dotted the landscape, a large campfire was started, David Cook brought his horses for all to ride and Dutch oven desserts were on the briquettes.

David Cook brought a hay wagon and a tractor which was used to tour William's old homestead. Ann Macdonald conducted a campfire program of family history stories which many relatives participated in.

Saturday morning (June 16, 2007) was greeted with the smell of a campfire and breakfast put together by Blaine and LuJean Livingston. Breakfast was cooked and served by Livingston Board members.

Lynne Herring conducted the business meeting while Dick Cook arrived with more horses and children activities were aplenty.

The highlight of the reunion was organized by Enid Cox, a field trip to Fountain Green Cemetery. The following ancestors rose from the grave, role played by relatives, and told their stories:

David Willard and Jean Bain Livingston Cook (by Stott Cook and ??)
Orson Augustus and Janet Russell Despain (by Tommy Despain and Vonda Despain Bowles)
William and Lillias Dick Livingston (by Dick and Donna Livingston)
James Campbell and Agnes Widdison Livingston (by Stephen and Mendy Livingston)

Lunch was provided at the Donley Despain Ranch. As camp broke that afternoon, one could only reflect on how proud we are to be a part of this great family and the heritage that is ours.

Reunion Snapshots

You may view more pictures of the reunion here.

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