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LFA Newsletter Volume 49, Issue 1 (Spring 2022)

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Livingston Family Association Logo.gif

7731 Jefferson Road
Magna, UT 84044

Volume: 49 Issue: 1 - (View the PDF Version) Date: Spring 2022


Message From our Board Chair

Amy Livingston
By Amy Livingston

As a child, I remember every summer looking forward to the annual Livingston Family Reunion. I loved being part of such a big, loving, fun family. I loved learning about my ancestors and being proud of being a Livingston. One of my favorite memories is “Granny” coming to the reunion and telling us her story herself. I knew being a Livingston was special and as time has passed, I’ve learned even more just how special it is.

I am humbled to be serving as part of the Livingston Family Association board. Whenever I share with people from all walks of my life that I am part of such a great organization, they are amazed that our family is that organized and committed to remaining connected. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the organization of the Association, we are excited to have our reunion this year at George Washington Park in Parley’s Canyon.... the same spot the reunion was held 50 years ago. We hope to see you all June 25, 2022 as we continue to enjoy our Livingston legacy.

Please Donate!

The Livingston Family Association was impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, as was the rest of the world. As a result, we have been unable to meet as usual for a couple of years. We did manage to get together last year, and it was great to see those who were able to make it! Our numbers were small, and so, understandably, were donations. We are very grateful to those who contributed and welcome your donations at our upcoming reunion. Cash and checks are especially helpful, since we don't have an official Venmo type of setup with our non-profit business account. Thank you in advance and we look forward to seeing you all in June!

It’s Almost Reunion Time!!

Mark your calendars now for the 50th Anniversary of LFA celebration! Don’t miss your chance to meet new relatives, share histories, and learn about our amazing heritage!

June 25, 2022 (10:30am) at George Washington Park, 7945 E Mountain Dell Golf Road (in Parley’s Canyon)

We send a special THANK YOU to all former LFA Board Members! You have made a difference. You have served well and kept the organization moving forward. We are so grateful for each of you. It will be fun to gather together for the 50thAnniversary of LFA!


Join us for the 2022 Reunion

Remembering the 2021 Livingston Reunion - American Fork, UT

Thoughts from our Out-going Chairman

By Eric Epperson

Another Livingston Reunion is fast approaching this June! I am so excited to see you all!

Amy Livingston, the new Board Chairwoman, and the Board Members, are working diligently to make all the preparations for the 2022 Livingston Reunion! It will be a most excellent reunion, I am sure!

As I reflect on my time serving on the board and with the board, I am so grateful for the relationships I have developed with so many of you!

It has been a blessing to me and such a pleasure and wonderful opportunity to be involved in the planning and implementation of our Livingston Reunions these past several years

My only departing thoughts, as my time as chairman has now come to a close, is please get involved, volunteer, and realize the blessings in your life that will come to you! As we put ourselves in positions of service, we all will realize what a joy being with our family (Clan) can be. This is the way it can be and should be! Come, revel in the joy of family! The Family Livingston!

With sincere love and gratitude,


A History of the Livingston Family Association

By Enid Cox and Ross Livingston - also found here

In the Beginning

The earliest "Livingston Association Reunion" of which we have record was held Monday, August 30, and Tuesday, August 31, 1926 at Liberty Park and 31st Ward Hall in Salt Lake City, UT, with A. D. Livingston (presumably Archibald Dick, born 1873, son of William) as president and Wm. R. Livingston (presumably William Rasmus, born 1893, son of William Dick) as secretary. There is a reference to a reunion in 1927 at Vivian Park in Provo, but whether this reunion took place is unknown.

We have records of some reunions between 1955 and 1967 in our newsletter archives, but there are holes and missing details.


Some Livingston descendants met together and formed a new organization on January 23, 1972, with the purpose of generating family activity, renewing acquaintances, and researching our family heritage. The name chosen for the organization was Livingston Family Association. A board of trustees was chosen to handle affairs and Articles of Organization were adopted which served as by-laws.

A visit was made by Enid Cox to Barbara Bryner who had information from the previous Livingston organization. She gave us the old list and a place to start.

Goals of the new Livingston Family Association:

Original members of the board were:

A Livingston Family Reunion was planned for July 1, 1972, at George Washington Park in Parley's Canyon. Sixty three members of the family gathered, played games, ate, and conducted the annual meeting. Focus was turned to finding descendants, bringing together a good current list, gathering information that could be included in a book, and verifying information that we already had.

At that time, Mrs. Roberta Lindsay was retained to continue research she had started for the family several years before. Ron Livingston and Donley Despain were made co-chairmen for the next year's reunion, which would be held at the Despain Property at Birch Creek on June 15-16, 1973.


Non-Profit Status

In 2007, the Livingston Family Association received recognition from the Internal Revenue Service for tax exempt status. This means that contributions to the Livingston Family Association may be tax deductible.

The PDF version of this newsletter can be viewed and downloaded by clicking Spring Newsletter (695 KB).

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