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LFA Newsletter Volume 35, Issue 2 (September 2008)

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1283 Logan Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Volume: 35 Issue: 2 Date: September 2008


2008 Livingston Family Reunion - "I've Been Workin' On the Railroad"

The Iron Trail to the Golden Spike Railroad Reunion

What better place to celebrate the Pacific Railroad, and the role our ancestors played in it, than Ogden, Utah.

Norm Nelson, President, Golden Spike Association, making presentation at reunion
We began Friday, June 13, up Ogden Canyon at Anderson Cove Campground, overlooking Pineview Reservoir. It was a spectacular view with snow-capped mountains in the background. Some of the family actually swam at the beach assigned to our campsite. Soon tents dotted the area as family began to gather around a big fire. The Railroad Program began at 7:00 pm with Norm Nelson, President of the Golden Spike Association,
Railroad talk from Golden Spike Association
dressed in a tux and top hat, talking about the Pacific Railroad. He focused on the time period when the Central Pacific reached the Nevada/Utah border. Brigham Young contracted with both railroads to bring them to the Golden Spike. This involved our ancestors, specifically James Livingston, who is mentioned in a book Norm presented to the Livingstons, entitled, "The Iron Trail to the Golden Spike". Ann, Ross and Ted then provided Dutch oven dessert and ice cream. Ross provided a generator, projector and speakers so we could then show "Mountain of the Lord" (a video documenting the building of the Salt Lake Temple). James Livingston was featured in this video as a foreman at the Temple Quarry. The Pacific Railroad ran a spur from Ogden to Salt Lake. Brigham Young ran a railroad spur from Temple Square to 9400 South. A spur was run from 9400 South to the Temple Quarry. Without the railroad, the Salt Lake Temple would have taken much longer to complete. "Mountain of the Lord" DVDs were made available as well as handouts from "The Iron Trail to the Golden Spike". A chapter from John J. Stewart's "The Iron Trail to the Golden Spike" can be found at http://cprr.org/Museum/Stewart-Iron_Trail.html.
Breakfast is served!

Saturday, June 14, at sunrise found a mist over Pineview with the smell of a cedar fire drifting through the campsite. Blaine and the board members started cooking breakfast and campers came out of their tents and the parking lot filled up with hungry Livingstons. After breakfast Enid conducted the Business Meeting where three Livingstons were elected to the Board. Ross Livingston, who has served for many years on the Board and maintains our family website, was re-elected along with two new Board members, Dennis Davis and David Cook. Many thanks to Ted Livingston and Lynne Herring for their years of dedicated service. Following the Business Meeting, we drove to the railroad museum in Ogden to learn more about the Pacific Railroad and what it took to build it.

The railroad was completed in 1869. Today the great iron horses roll across Utah celebrating what our ancestors were part of so many years ago.

Thanks Stott and Ann for planning another great reunion and to all the Board for their help and support.

Reunion pictures can be found at http://livingstonfamily.org/cpg/.

Black Jacket Found A women's soft black jacket (NorthCrest brand) was found at the reunion. If it is yours, contact us at board@livingstonfamily.org; or 801-484-2678.

2009 Livingston Family Reunion Date Announced

Reserve June 20, 2009 on your calendar for the 2009 Livingston Reunion. We are currently working on arranging a place and planning activities for the reunion. Stay tuned for further details in our January Newsletter.

Family History Research Report

We are continuing to verify that temple work has been completed for our Livingston Ancestors, their children, grandchildren and the spouses of those who are deceased. We are using the PAF Insight program to search the IGI (International Genealogical Index) at http://familysearch.org/ to verify this information. We are looking for people who would like to be the representative of their line that would be interested in helping us gather histories and photos or in helping us with verifying that the temple work has been done. We would love to be able to have someone (more than one would be even better) represent the descendants of the following people:

  Descendant Spouse Representative(s)
James Campbell Livingston
Agnes Widdison
Janet Livingston Orson Agustus Despain  
James Campbell Livingston Jr. Phebe Ann Chapman  
Sarah Francis Chapman Dennis Davis
Archibald George Livingston Temperance Lucinda Gillespie  
Hannah Adler  
Robert Widdison Livingston Lena Hetta Major  
Charles Campbell Livingston Julia Ann Olsen Sellers  
Charlotte Delta Cole  
Ana Louise Neve  
Hannah Livingston Jacob Wamsley Smith  
Helen Livingston  ?  

  Descendant Spouse Representative(s)
James Campbell Livingston
Hannah Widdison
Thomas Widdison Livingston Eliza Jane Henderson  
Agnes Livingston Charles Lauson Crawford  

  Descendant Spouse Representative(s)
James Campbell Livingston
Annie Elizabeth Muir
John Muir Livingston Annette Dale Taylor  
James Alma Livingston Neckoline “Leana” Mikkelsen  
Bertha Mae Livingston George Arthur Johnson  
Annie Livingston Ebbie LeRoy Lee  
Arthur George Ott  
Wallace Muir Livingston Ida Gaynell Downs  

  Descendant Spouse Representative(s)
Charles Livingston
Jane Harrocks
Elizabeth Livingston Thomas Battersby Child  
Christina Livingston Charles Kammerle  
Tony Filmano  
Catherine Livingston James Solomon  

  Descendant Spouse Representative(s)
Charles Livingston
Ellen Harrocks
Charles Livingston Eliza Lavina Smith  
Ellen Livingston Enoch Smith  
Daniel Harrocks Livingston Annie Manette Armstrong  
Archibald Livingston May Reed  
Priscilla Livingston Frank Evans  
Grace Livingston John Alma Ovard  
Isadora Morris Livingston Lawrence Earl Petersen  
Hazel Livingston Duncan Angus Maxwell  
Clarence Livingston Ethel Paxman  

  Descendant Spouse Representative(s)
Isabella Livingston
Samuel Aiken
Samuel Livingston Aiken Johanna Florence McCarthy  
James William Aiken Sofia Henderson  
Charles Henry Aiken Mary Goodmansen  
Sarah Jane Aiken Daniel T. Thomander  
Joseph Hyrum Aiken Elizabeth Elmira Allred  
Lorenzo Wilson Aiken Mary Jane Neilsen  

  Descendant Spouse Representative(s)
Archibald Livingston
Elizabeth McLean
Archibald Livingston Eleanor Willden Burt  
Jean Livingston George Peter Winsness  
John Livingston Edna Frome  
Elizabeth Livingston John Acomb  
Van Dusen Spalding  

  Descendant Spouse Representative(s)
William Livingston
Lillias Dick
William Dick Livingston Annie Boletta Anderson Nancy Law,
Kay Larsen
Archibald Dick Livingston Lily May Munk  
John Dick Livingston Stella Ann Lessey  
Annie Livingston James Aagard  
Lillie May Livingston James Frank Robertson  
Jean Bain Livingston David Wallard Cook  
Joseph Franklin Livingston Mercie Ella Ivory  
Winifred Knight  
Georgia Roberts  
David Ray Livingston Grace Ernestine Hansen  
Abram Livingston Mary Etta Gardner  
Sadie Lewis  
Ellen Christine Livingston William Lester Cook  
Heber Livingston Mary Jane Oldroyd  
Isabella Livingston Edwin Lorin Merriam  

Scotland Anyone?

The Livingston Family Board has opened for discussion the idea of taking a guided tour to Scotland to visit our ancestral home. If any of you have any interest in doing this, please contact Dennis Davis at denri@earthlink.net, 626-335-7819, or P.O. Box 815, Glendora, CA 91740. If there's enough interest we will proceed with initial planning.


Dues are due. Thank you for helping us keep this organization going. We very carefully spend the money we get from dues for reunion and newsletter expenses. We suggest $20 per family per year. More or less is gladly accepted. You can mail your dues to:

Livingston Family Association
1283 Logan Avenue
Salt Lake City, Utah 84105

Remember donations are tax deductible The Livingston Family Association has received approval from the Internal Revenue Service for tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the code. This means that contributions to our organization are deductible under section 170 of the Code. We are qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code.

In other words, contributions of all types to the Livingston Family Association are officially tax deductible (consult with your accountant for specific details).

Livingston Family Descendancy Project

Livingston Coat of Arms Patch

We have reached a milestone that we have worked for several years to accomplish. All the individual birth and marriage data contained in the 1808 Archibald Livingston “green” book, that was printed in 1980, has been entered into our electronic PAF database. Many other names have been added that have been sent in via the descendancy submittal charts. Many thanks to all of you who have sent them in. Our database now has over 7,700 names and over 2,250 marriages in it.

We want to continue to receive the birth and marriage data for those that have taken place since 1980. Please continue to use the descendancy submittal charts, available on our website (MS Word or PDF) or from the newsletter and SEND THEM IN!!! You parents – please get your married kids to send their family information to me.

I am seeking volunteer representatives from each of the family lines (James, Charles, Isabella, Archibald, and William) who would assist me in reaching out to our younger families by making personal phone calls and encouraging them to submit their descendancy information. If you will help, please contact me (see below). You can help me with close relatives that you know with their contact information, and I can help you with contact information of individuals you may not know but who are in your line. Wouldn’t it be great to increase our database to over 8,500 names by next year’s reunion? LET’S DO IT!!

Blaine T Livingston
655 Greystone Way
Tooele, UT 84074

Thanks again for helping us with this important project.

Histories Wanted

The Board has also talked about the desire to include more information about our wonderful ancestors on the Livingston website. At this time there are 9 articles about people on the website. As a board, we have each committed to write or find a story about someone from our line within the next three months. We hope that, you too, will be interested in helping us make the website more exciting and informative.

If you have a story that is not in the Archibald Livingston Book, we would love to have it to include on the website. You may either email it to us at board@livingstonfamily.org, or send a copy to Dana Rogers, 829 S 325 W, Orem, UT 84058 and we will put it on the website. If you have photos that you would like included, please send them also. We will be posting one story/history/photo a month until we run out of things to post. These histories will be posted in the People category.

Colorado Livingston's History

The Livingstons Settle in Craig by Stott Cook

Pioneer stories of the Livingston's usually begin in Scotland and deal with the 300 years the family was indentured to the Lords to work in the coal mines. With the country ending the practice of indenturement and two Mormon missionaries sent to England ending up in Scotland, the Livingston conversions and migration to this country begins. Usually the focus is on Christina (also known as Granny Livingston) and family and the six years it took her to get from Scotland to Liverpool, England. Getting on a boat and spending six weeks on the ocean before landing in New Orleans was a struggle. Ferrying up the Mississippi and crossing the plains to the Salt Lake Valley would test the will of the hardiest of people. We celebrate the family settling in the Valley, working at the temple quarry and on the Pacific railroad. Sometimes the stories end when Brigham Young sent them to Birch Creek. However, pioneer stories continued long after that with each family. So it was with the family of William and Lillias Dick Livingston.

Many family members ended up on the Western slope of Colorado employed in the livestock business. The open country found there was perfect for raising sheep, high mountains for summer range and lowland for winter range.

Joe Livingston

Joe Livingston led the migration to Colorado during the 1940's with headquarters at the Motherwell Ranch (name comes from a city in Scotland). A man with much initiative and great ingenuity, there was nothing he wouldn't tackle. In the early years of his marriage Joe worked in the coal mines, but when given a chance, he established himself as a sheepman. He began in Sanpete County, but in the early twenties moved his outfit to Weber Canyon around Chalk Creek and Coalville. Seeing opportunity in Craig, Colorado, Joe sold and resettled, eventually running around 20,000 sheep in the surrounding area. He was instrumental in establishing many of his nephews and family members in the sheep business in Colorado.

Joe and the extended Livingston family that settled in Western Colorado were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. From a humble Sunday School meeting at the Motherwell Ranch to two stakes, the story of their success in the livestock business was equaled by the growth of the church. Joe and the family that followed were an important part of the growth of the church. Like the pioneers before them, the families all faced hardships. Weather, finances, sickness, death, and divorce tested them. But, living in the small country towns, the Colorado mountains, the growth of the church, all helped overshadow the hardships. The Colorado Livingstons wrote a great story!

William Livingston Dick
Lillias Dick

Read the exciting story of the Livingstons of Craig, Colorado in its entirety on our website.

Livingston Family Board

2008-2009 Board of Directors

The current board of directors of the Livingston Family Association is as follows:

Name Assignment Term Expires
Stott Cook Reunion Co-Chair 2009
Blaine Livingston Descendancy Chair 2009
Ann Macdonald Reunion Co-Chair 2009
Charlene Clark Chairperson, Newsletter & Mailing List 2010
Enid Cox Secretary/Treasurer 2010
Dana Rogers Ancestry Co-Chair 2010
Dennis Davis Ancestry Co-Chair 2011
Ross Livingston Website 2011
David Cook Vice Chairperson 2011

Contact us at 801-484-2678 (Enid's) or email us all at board@livingstonfamily.org. Please use this family resource for family-related business only.

© 2008 Livingston Family Association
Comments to board@livingstonfamily.org

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