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LFA Board Minutes - 2013-01-26

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Date: January 26, 2013
Time: 4:00 pm (MDT)
Location: Enid Cox' Home

Opening Prayer: Lorraine Misener

Those present: Dana Rogers, Enid Cox, Mary Ann Swalberg, Doug Livingston, Lorraine Misener, and Karolyn Hall, who was present via telephone.

Excused: Dennis Davis, Trent Lewis

Chairman’s Business: Dana Rogers

Treasures Report: Enid Cox

Enid passed around a paper showing the account balances for the LFA. The account balances were as follows: Savings -

Membership Director Report: Trent Lewis

Newsletter Report: Karolyn Hall

Research Director Report: Doug Livingston/Lorraine Misener

Archive Director Report: Doug Livingston/Lorraine Misener

Yes, you can add that Jeri and I are turning in our papers tonight (Thursday) to go on a full time mission to Cuiaba, Brazil in a few months :) I don't think we'll be here for the Family Reunion. If we are, we'll be at the reunion. We're very excited to be going, though we've heard it's as hot as Phoenix :( I now repent of all the bad comments I've made about the weather in Phoenix where two of our kids live :)

Other than that, I've continued working on Find-A-Grave getting our deceased family linked together. I can even continue with that from Brazil and I plan to. We will be able to keep in touch via e-mail, FaceBook, and cell phone. We've been told that we can get a Vontage cell phone number for $30 per month and it works well in Brazil. We've already talked with the mission president by cell phone and he uses one - with a phone number from St. George, UT.


Reunion Director Report: Daidre Hulick

Closing Prayer: Doug Livingston

Board Members

Assignment Name Phone
Dana Rogers Chairman/Membership Director 2013
Chairman/Membership Dana Rogers 801.226.3456
Secretary/Vice Chair Mary Ann Swalberg 801.262.3192
Treasurer Enid Cox 801.706.2639
Archive Director Dennis Davis 626.335.7819
Membership Trent Lewis 801.455.3066
Newsletter Karolyn Hall 719.661.4014
Research Director Douglas Livingston 801.742.0402
Research Assistant Lorraine Misener 801.298.1455
Reunion Director Daidre Hulick 281.389.4764

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