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LFA Board Minutes - 2010-04-25

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Livingston Family Association Board Meeting

Date/Time: April 25, 2010 7:00 PM
Location: Charlene Clark's home
Board Members Present: Dennis Davis by phone from California, David Cook, Charlene Clark, Enid Cox, Doug Livingston, Stephen Livingston, Dana Rogers, Mary Ann Swalberg
Absent: Ross Livingston



Charlene Clark conducted the meeting and welcomed all in attendance

Opening Prayer - Mary Ann Swalberg

Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved with the addition that Mary Ann checked to see that all the names we did work for were in the new family search.

Treasurer's Report

Enid gave the treasurers report.

Livingston Family Association
Financial Statement
January 2009 – December 2009

Checking Account
January 2009 Beginning Balance $1,532.55
Contributions Received: $1,895
Expenses Paid: $2,239.41
December Ending Balance in Checking Account: $1,188.14
Savings Account
January 2009 Beginning Balance: $3,892.91
Interest Earned: $20.76
Aug. Ending Balance in Savings Account: $3,913.67
December 2009 Combined total in accounts: $5,101.81

David Cook made the motion to move $1,000 from savings to checking to cover reunion expenses

Doug Livingston seconded

All agreed

Reunion Report/Planning

Doug Livingston gave an update of plans for the reunion:

June 18:

June 19:

Those whose terms are up: Charlene, Dana and Enid. We need to replace Charlene for sure. We are hoping that Dana will agree to stay on and Enid will stay ONE MORE TIME! Motion made by David Cook to retain Charlene as Editor in Chief of the Newsletter. Second by Mary Ann. Charlene agreed to this.

Descendancy Report

Steve Livingston reported that he is still updating the descendancy chart. He will have a chart available at the reunion for people to see and check their names. He will work on a disk to sell at the reunion.

Ancestor Research Report

Dana suggested that LFA purchase a program for $300 that Mary Ann Swalberg could use to do research. Mary Ann stated she couldn't devote the time to make it worthwhile. All agreed to wait until September meeting to address this agenda item again.

Newsletter and Mailing List Report

Charlene stated that we would send a postcard and email announcement as a reminder about the reunion on June 1st.

Suggestions for discussion at another meeting



Next meeting: At the reunion – to make assignments Following Board Meeting: October 2, 2010 (put it on your calendar now)


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