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LFA Board Minutes - 2010-01-24

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Livingston Family Association Board Meeting

Date/Time: January 24, 2010 7:00 PM
Location: Ross Livingston's home
Board Members Present: Dennis Davis by phone from California, David Cook, Charlene Clark, Enid Cox, Doug Livingston, Stephen Livingston, Dana Rogers, Ross Livingston, Mary Ann Swalberg.
Visitors: Kay Livingston and Ted Livingston



Charlene Clark conducting the meeting welcomed the full board and specialists in attendance.

Opening Prayer - Charlene Clark

Minutes of previous meeting were sent out for approval by email and all approved.

Treasurer's Report

Enid gave the treasurers report: Savings Account $3,913.87. Checking Account $1,188.14.

Reunion Report/Planning

Reunion Schedule:

Friday Afternoon:
Arrive at Birch Creek and set up camp or check into motel
Dinner in Manti at different churches – reasonable prices
Attend pageant – seating together will be arranged by Doug
Saturday Morning:
8:30 AM Breakfast at Birch Creek
10:00 AM - Business Meeting – Charlene
Research Report
Scotland Trip Plans
11:00 AM – Hike – Don Despain

Descendancy Report

Steve Livingston reported that he is still updating the descendancy chart. All agreed that he should just keep doing what he is doing and adding names as they come in. Steve will make this information available on his computer at the reunion.

Ancestor Research Report

Dana Rogers reported that she checked Audrey Livingston’s information against what we have and there are some discrepancies.

Kay Livingston reported that the temple work we did last June does not show up in the “New Family Search” program. She will contact the temple and find out the status. Charlene Clark will put the researcher’s report on a PDF file and email it to the board. Kay suggested that we need to do some work on the information we received before we contract for more research. All agreed that when this is done, we should invest $500 in more research.

Newsletter and Mailing List Report

Charlene Clark stated that the next newsletter information should be in to her by February 15th. Everyone needs to make a contribution to make this a fun and interesting newsletter. Mary Ann Swalberg offered to submit histories on Charles Livingston’s wives.

Website Report

We renewed our website - $100.

Scotland Trip

Ted Livingston, Dennis Davis and Ross Livingston reported on plans for a family trip to Scotland in August of 2011. The trip would move better with 15 or less people. This being the case, do we want to advertise in the newsletter?


Great meeting. Thank you all.


Next meeting: April 11, 2010


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