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LFA Board Minutes - 2009-10-04

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Livingston Family Association Board Meeting

Date/Time: October 4, 2009 7:00 PM
Location: Ross Livingston's home
Present: Charlene Clark, Doug Livingston, David Cook, Ross Livingston, Dana Rogers, Stephen Livingston, Enid Cox, Dennis Davis
Absent: Mary Ann Swalberg



Welcome new and old board members by Charlene Clark

Opening Prayer - Dana Rogers (?)

Treasurer's Report

Financial Report by Enid Cox:

Balance in Checking Account as of September 30, 2009 was $978.14
Balance in Savings Account as of August 31, 2009 was $3,908.43

Board Assignments

Reunion Report/Planning

All agreed that the reunion in June was a huge success. Credit was given to Stott Cook who donated some of the lunch and the blow-up equipment for the children to play on. Thanks also to Ann MacDonald who arranged for the speakers, dancer, piper, and generally organized the facility. All agreed it was fortunate that we had an indoor place to go when the weather turned bad. Thanks to Ross Livingston for a great website presentation, and Blaine Livingston for the descendancy presentation. Thanks to Dennis Davis for taking everyone’s pictures and participating in the quilt raffle. Thanks to Margaret Livingston for making and donating the quilt.

Next reunion will be held June 18 – 19 in Birch Creek if arrangements can be made with Don Despain. Doug Livingston will coordinate and plan the event with a committee he chooses. Suggestions for the reunion were to attend a temple session in the Manti Temple, attend the Manti Pageant, have a Birch Creek tour, including the Chief Sanpitch story, have pioneer games and rocket launcher. Ask for donations for items to be raffled.

Descendancy Report by Stephen Livingston

Would it be possible to somehow compare the descendancy list to the email and mailing list. What do we do with the information we have gathered and where do we go from here? Discussion and decision to be made in the January board meeting. Bring “use” cases and suggestions.

Ancestor Research Report by Dana Rogers

We do not yet have an itemized statement from Brenda, the researcher, because of her husband’s heart attack. It was decided that we wait for the report before allocating more funds for research. If the report comes in and we are all satisfied it was worth the $1,000, then it was approved by all present to give her $500 more and ask if there are lines we could also be working on through Family Search. The results of the research with reliable information should also be made available at a central clearing house.

Audrey Livingston’s research was discussed and Dana will compare it with what we have and let everyone know the results. Charlene will scan the pages and email them to all the board.

Newsletter and Mailing List Report

There are 560 on our combined mailing and email list. The suggestion was made to put a request in the newsletter for people to add the addresses of their children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, etc. to our email/mailing list. Getting that younger generation involved is crucial to the continuation of the organization. The next newsletter will be in February.


Dennis Davis took the board picture and the meeting adjourned.

Next meeting will be held January 10, 2010, at Ross Livingston’s home.


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