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LFA Board Minutes - 2009-06-19

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Livingston Family Association Board Meeting

Date/Time: June 19, 2009
Location: Provo, UT (at the 2009 Livingston reunion)
Present: Charlene Clark, Doug Livingston, David Cook, Mary Ann Swalberg, Dana Rogers, Stephen Livingston, Enid Cox, Dennis Davis
Absent: Ross Livingston

[Note: no minutes have been submitted. If any attending board member could provide a basic summary, that would be great.]



A brief board meeting was held after the reunion, welcoming Mary Ann Swalberg, Doug Livingston and Stephen Livingston as new board members.

Gratitude and thanks were given to retiring board members, Stott Cook, Blaine Livingston and Ann MacDonald who have done an outstanding job during their tenure.

Tentative assignments were talked about.

Treasurer's Report

Reunion Discussion

The weather turned bad and we had to go inside, but thanks to Ann MacDonald, we had a place to go. A large crowd attended and all had a very enjoyable time. The food was delicious and the programing went smoothly. Many wrote brief memories of ancestors or events in their younger years. A drawing for the quilt made by Margaret Livingston was held and the organization benefited by $320. Dennis Davis took photographs of everyone who attended.

Descendancy Report by Stephen Livingston

Ancestor Research Report by Dana Rogers

Newsletter and Mailing List Report



Next meeting to be held October 4, 2009, at Ross Livingston's home

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