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LFA Board Minutes - 2008-08-17

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Livingston Family Association Board Meeting

Date/Time: August 17, 2008 7:00 PM
Location: Ross Livingston's home
Present: Stott Cook, Charlene Clark, Dana Rogers, Ann Macdonald, Dennis Davis, David Cook, Blaine Livingston, Enid Cox and Ross Livingston



Welcome by Charlene Clark.

Board members introduced themselves, sharing board service experience and recent board assignments.

Invocation by Dana Rogers.

Minutes from the previous meeting held April 27, 2008, were read by Enid Cox and approved by the board without change.

Finance Report

Enid Cox reported current financial condition:

Savings Account: $3,876.86 (as of July 31)
Checking Account: $1,613.26 (as of July 31)
TOTAL: $5,490.12

Board Assignments

Reunion Report

Stott Cook reported on the 2008 reunion. The reunion theme was railroads, and the reunion was a great success.

Ann led a 2009 reunion planning discussion. The board reached consensus for a one-day reunion for 2009 at Wheeler Farm. The board agreed that we should alternate 1-day and 2-day reunions in upcoming years. It was decided that we should continue holding our reunions on the 3rd weekend in June, meaning the weekend with the third Saturday. This means, for example, that if June were to start at Saturday, and we were holding a 2-day reunion, we would meet on the 2nd Friday and 3rd Saturday that month.

Descendancy Report

Blaine reported that we had a good response at and since the reunion. We have exceeded 7700 names now. We will continue to reach out through the mailing list to try to get updates beyond those in the book.

Ancestor Research Report

Dana made a contact at the reunion who has agreed to verify names on the William line.

Dana shared a wonderful life history of Ellen Livingston Smith, daughter of Charles Livingston. We have tried to solicit this kind of history in the past.

Each board member was assigned to bring one new history of an ancestor (living or not) to the next board meeting.

Newsletter and Mailing List Report

Plan to produce newsletters in September, January, and April. All articles are due to Charlene by August 31. Assignments:

Website Update

Our hosting account is running out of space. The board offered financial support if needed. Ross will look into options.


Dennis took a picture of the 2008-2009 board of directors.

Next board meeting will be October 12, 2008, at Ross Livingston's home. Dana will bring refreshments.


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