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LFA Board Minutes - 2008-04-27

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Livingston Family Association Board Meeting

Date/Time: April 27, 2008 7:00 PM
Location: Charlene Clark's home
Present: Charlene Clark, Ann Macdonald, Ted Livingston, Stott Cook, Ross Livingston, Blaine Livingston and Enid Cox
Excused: Dana Rogers



Welcome by Charlene Clark.

Invocation by Ted Livingston.

Minutes from the previous meeting held January 13, 2008, were read by Enid Cox and approved by the board without change.

Finance Report

Enid Cox reported current financial condition:

Savings Account: $3,863.96
Checking Account: $940.67
Plus donations received this week: $390 and $95
Minus Newsletter expense: $200
TOTAL: $5,089.63

Reunion Planning/Report on Assignments

Friday, June 13

2:00 earliest check in time at campground

7:00 pm campfire, dutch oven desserts

Fireside chat until it is dark enough to show the Mountain of the Lord DVD


Saturday, June 14

8:00 AM – 9:30 AM breakfast

Consensus of the board is that a hot breakfast would be best. Blaine and his committee of Ted and Dana will plan and purchase materials for a two or three item breakfast for about 75 – 100 people. All will help with the cooking. Blaine will be excused from cooking and cleaning up so he can mingle with the crowd and promote more participation in the descendency chart.


10:00 AM – business meeting, website overview and elections.

Charlene and Enid have about 12 categories to award prizes.

Charlene will conduct elections. Dennis Davis who lives in California expressed interest in being on the board. He could step into the Lynne Herring vacancy and would be a good addition.


If possible a 15-minute board meeting could be held to confirm assignments on the board.

11:00 AM – Caravan to the railroad museum

Stott will be in charge of getting groups together and into the museum.

Descendancy Report

Blaine reported that he has almost completed adding in the names from the green book. There are now about 6,500 names. Good job, Blaine!

Ancestor Research Report

Ted and Dana have been to the Family History Library again – separately. They are trying to work out a system for collaboration.

Newsletter and Mailing List Report - Postcard

Charlene will prepare a postcard reminder to be mailed and an email to go out before the Memorial Day weekend.

Website Update

Ross demonstrated website functions.


Next board meeting will of course be at the reunion.

But after that, the next meeting will be October 12, 2008, at Ross Livingston's home.


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