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LFA Board Minutes - 2005-10-09

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Livingston Family Association Board Meeting

DATE: Sunday, October 9, 2005
TIME: 7:00 PM
PLACE: Ross Livingston's Home
Present: Ted Livingston, Ross Livingston, Blaine Livingston, Stott Cook, Charlene Clark, Lynne Herring, Enid Cox
Excused: Ann Macdonald and Nadine Curtis


Welcome & Invocation - Ted Livingston

Review Minutes - Enid Cox

Minutes from last meeting read, added to, and approved. Additions:

Financial Report - Enid Cox

See attached report

Discussion regarding spending of money. Contributions are down and spending is up. Suggestion was made to put a plea in the newsletter with more specific amount requested.

Reunion Report- Stott Cook

Stott reviewed the previous reunion and all agreed it was a huge success. Thanks were extended to Stott and Ann for their great work. Stott presented tentative plans for next years reunion to be held at Soldier Hollow Chalet in Heber City. Stott has reserved and paid for it for Friday night and Saturday, June 16th and 17th.

Friday night will be only a campfire and visiting. Saturday will be breakfast, activities and meeting and then lunch. Stott will do the sign and fires. Ann will develop a theme for the reunion. We still need a program, children’s activity and awards. Assignments will be made at the next board meeting.

Future reunions will be:

2007 - Birch Creek - Dance Hall
2008 - Wheeler Farm
2009 - Black Hawk
2010 - Cottonwood Canyons

Descendancy Chart Report - Blaine Livingston

There has been a good response from the request for descendancy information. Blaine is in the process of adding this information to his chart. Ross has found another way to print it. Offering a Livingston patch to anyone who submits their information has been a great incentive. Also, six Livingston books were sold and another order of patches were received.

Ancestor Research Project

Discussion was held regarding suggestions made by Nadine Curtis for a project. It was agreed that they were all good suggestions, but that we should focus on one and get it moving. Ross made the motion that Lynn Herring work together with Nadine Curtis and move forward with the project. Ted seconded the motion and Lynn agreed to do this. Everyone liked the idea presented of a “story book” of our ancestors.

Newsletter Report - Charlene Clark

About 100 to 150 people are receiving the newsletter now by email. We are hoping to increase that to reduce mailing expenses. Ross does a great job of converting it to a format that can be accessed on the internet. The next newsletter will go out in February. It will include reunion information, a history, a plea for a researcher and information about a specific ancestral project.

Website Report - Ross Livingston

Ross reported on some new software available. He has done some great things with the website and the verified information that he has, including a way to collaborate on the content. In the next few months he will continue to work on it.

Board Members for 2005-2006

Name Term Expires
Stott Cook 2006
Blaine Livingston 2006
Ann Macdonald 2006
Charlene Clark 2007
Enid Cox 2007
Nadine Curtis 2007
Lynn Herring 2008
Ross Livingston 2008
Ted Livingston 2008

Let’s have 100% attendance at the next board meeting and have a picture of the entire board taken together

Next Meeting

Next meeting to be held at the home of Charlene Clark, 829 East Heather Road, Orem, Utah 84097, phone 801-224-9865. January 8, 2006 7:00 PM (PUT THIS ON YOUR CALENDAR NOW!)

From Charlene: Here are directions to my house: Take exit 273 (Orem 1600 North, Lindon). Turn left onto 1600 North. Go straight east 2.5 miles (through 6 traffic lights). At about 2.5 miles, as you look down the road, if you were to go straight, you would run into a mound of dirt. As 1600 North veers south, turn left onto Skyline Drive. Follow Skyline Drive up the hill and around to the first stop sign. The stop sign is at Heather Road. Turn right. My house is the 5th from the corner on the left. 829 E. Heather Road (1850 North).
The mapquest directions send you further south on I-15 and back up to the north in quite a round about way. If you have problems, call me. 801-224-9865.

Respectfully submitted by Enid Cox

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