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LFA Board Minutes - 2005-06-18

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Livingston Family Association Board Meeting

DATE: Saturday, June 18, 2005
TIME: After the Livingston Family Reunion PLACE: Theater in the Pines, North Fork Provo Canyon
Present: Ted Livingston, Blaine Livingston, Nadine Curtis, Stott Cook, Ann MacDonald, Charlene Clark, Enid Cox, Lynn Herring
Excused: Ross Livingston was excused to go to India!!


Welcome - Ted Livingston

Ted Livingston conducting. Welcome new board member - Lynn Herring, 470 Buckley Ave., Springville, UT 84663, 801-362-4579. Llherring@hotmail.com or lherring@provofreedomacademy.org

Thank outgoing board member - Janet Feeney for her great service.

Reunion Report

Thanks to all those who helped with the reunion, especially Ann and Stott. Thanks to Ross for the great PA System. Suggestion made to purchase one for the organization. Everyone thought that was a good idea. Who is going to check it out?

Motion made and seconded to have future reunions in order of places shown:

2006 - Soldier Hollow - Chalet
2007 - Birch Creek - Dance Hall
2008 - Wheeler Farm
2009 - Black Hawk
2010 - Cottonwood Canyons

Thank Blaine and Ross for the great descendency chart.

Livingston Patches for sewing on shirts or coats were a great success, thanks Blaine. Suggestion was made to order more. Blaine will take care of that.

Next year Dennis Davis will give powerpoint presentation about Scotland

Ancestor Research Project

Nadine Curtis talked about an ancestor research project:

Suggested collecting recipes from old pioneers - collect all year - request in newsletter
Update of book
Make a calendar with important Livingston dates and pictures for purchase at the reunion.

Future Board Meetings

Board Assignments

All board members will keep their current positions and new board member Lynn Herring will be Vice-chairman.


Financial Report - Enid Cox

June 2005 Reunion Expenses:

Mailing of newsletter: $447.37, $208.16, 16.80
Doug Livingston - Lamb 300.00. 125.00.
Ann MacDonald - dinner 151.93, 200.00
White Peaks (dancers) 200.00
Blaine Livingston (badges) 268.39
Office Max (supplies) 27.69
Janet Feeney (prizes) 25.00
Ted Livingston (breakfast) 123.89

Total expenses for reunion $1,896.23

Donations received Jan - June: 2005 $1,758.00

Ross, we didn’t get a bill from you for the PA system.

Stott, we didn’t get a bill from you for the Reunion Site.

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