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LFA Board Minutes - 2004-10-10

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Livingston Family Association Board Meeting

DATE: Sunday, October 10, 2004 7:00 PM
PLACE: Home of Ross Livingston
Present: The complete board: Ted Livingston, Ross Livingston, Janet Feeney, Blaine Livingston, Charlene Clark, Stott Cook, Nadine Curtis, Ann McDonald, Enid Cox



Chairman Ted Livingston welcomed everyone and made introductions.

Review Minutes

Minutes of meeting held June 19, 2004, were unanimously approved.

Reunion Report

Stott Cook and Ann Macdonald made some suggestions and told of the results of their search for places to hold the next reunion. Some of the suggestions were Cherry Hill, Wheeler Farm, Heber Valley, Soldier Hollow, Glen Canyon Park, Park City. Discussion was held about going back to Birch Creek and it was decided every three to four years to do that. Concensus for Provo Canyon and American Fork Canyon this year was agreed on and Stott and Ann will check that out and firm up a place. They accepted the assignment to put together a five year plan for reunions.

Descendancy Project

Blaine Livingston talked about a Descendancy Research Project and had a form he designed that would give enough information to input into the massive family chart – if people would just fill it out and return it to him. Blaine’s new email address is blaine@wirelessbeehive.com

Blaine will revise it and we will send it out in the next newsletter along with having it available at the next reunion for people to fill it out “on the spot”. Also talked of having a raffle for those who returned it.

Ancestor Report

Nadine Curtis asked for suggestions and talked about some ideas for an Ancestor Research Project. She had some good suggestions: Old family recipes, calendars, collecting and scanning old pictures, classes for writing histories, classes for using PAF, Burns recitation. Some of these could be fundraisers.

Financial Report

Enid Cox gave a treasurers report: Beginning Balance 2004 - $5,174.96. Balance as of Sept 2004 - $5,185.08. We had donations of $1,365 and expenses of $1,353.88. Whatever we plan to do, it seems we have just enough to do it.

Newsletter Report

Charlene Clark gave a report on the newsletters and mailings this year. We have sent out 2 newsletters and 2 postcards with good response. We are getting more signups to receive them by email, which saves the family money in postage and printing.


Ross Livingston reported progress on the Livingston Family website. He has added some new pages and has added some newsletters. Suggestions were made for adding personal news such as missions. Privacy issues need to be considered. Discussed a bulletin board where research questions could be answered.

Action Items


Meeting Schedule – Mark your calendars:

Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Enid Cox

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