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LFA Board Minutes - 2002-07-22

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Livingston Family Association Board Meeting

Date/Time: July 22, 2002 7:00 PM
Location: 1283 Logan Avenue, SLC UT
Attending: Shaunna Wozab, Janet Feeney, Charlene Clark, Ross Livingston, Dale Livingston, Ted Livingston, Enid Cox, Mary Livingston (present by phone from Colorado)
Absent: Val Livingston



Review Minutes

Minutes of Annual Meeting read by Enid and approved with some minor changes.

Board Business

Shaunna Wozab led a discussion regarding filling the empty board position.

Schedule regular board meetings for the rest of the year: After some discussion, decision was made to meet quarterly at 7:00 PM on the 2nd Monday, starting in October (14), January 2003 (13), April (14) and July (14). Place to be determined.

Ross Livingston reviewed the by-laws and we all determined they were still relevant and we should follow them more closely.

Board assignments were made as follows:

Assignment Name Phone email
Chairperson Dale Livingston 801-773-2238 aliving354@aol.com
Vice Chairperson Janet Feeney 801-479-4320 jannyjazz2000@hotmail.com
Secretary Ross Livingston 801-445-6001 ross_livingston@yahoo.com
Treasurer Enid Cox 801-484-2678 ge1283@aol.com (temporary)
Research Director Mary Livingston mlivingston@m.lri.wash.k12.ut.us
Social Director Ted Livingston 801-794-0241 tedl@sfcn.org
Newsletter Charlene Clark 801-224-9865
Recruiting Shaunna Wozab 801-272-7726 swozab@uhin.com
Livingston Family Association Board of Directors

Action Items


Meeting adjourned.

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