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LFA Board

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The Livingston Family Association is governed by the By-Laws of the Livingston Family Association and is led by 10 members who comprise a board of directors or trustees. These directors are elected to three-year terms by the family association, at the business meeting held during the annual family reunion. Board member terms are staggered such that three board terms expire each year.

A Brief History of the Livingston Family Association lists all past directors of the association.


Board Assignments

Board members take on various responsibilities to keep the organization running smoothly.

Photo Name, Phone Assignment Line Term Expires
Eric Epperson Avatar.jpg
Eric Epperson, 801-599-4327 Interim Chair William Line 2018
Dennis Davis.jpg
Dennis Davis, xxx-xxx-xxxx Co-chair James Line2019
Karolyn Hall.jpg
Karolyn Hall, 719-661-4014 Newsletter James Line 2017
Mike Livingston 2014.jpg
Mike Livingston, 801-850-3616 Newsletter James Line 2017
Jaynann Lillywhite.jpg
Jaynann Lillywhite, 505-632-2514 Family History Research Isabella Line2017
Mickie Lewis Avatar.jpg
Mickie Lewis, 801-250-9323 Treasurer James Line 2018
Celeste Livingston Avatar.jpg
Celeste Livingston, 801-885-7944 Reunion Co-chair Archibald Line 2018
Amy Metler.jpg
Amy Metler, 801-450-6351 Reunion Co-chair William Line2019
Evie Brewerton.jpg
Evie Brewerton, 801-580-7939 Reunion Assistant William Line2019

Board Meetings

The board meets quarterly to discuss association business, to plan the annual reunion, and to report on progress on projects. You can view the minutes of past board meetings.

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