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Descendant Representatives

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Documenting the history of a family that spans many generations is an enormous undertaking. But many hands make light work! Please join us in this important (and fun) work. Add yourself to the list below, or ask Ross to help.

The people in the tables below have registered their interest to represent their respective family lines.

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  Descendant Spouse Representative(s)
James Campbell Livingston
Agnes Widdison
Janet Livingston Orson Agustus Despain  
James Campbell Livingston Jr. Phebe Ann Chapman  
Sarah Francis Chapman Dennis Davis
Archibald George Livingston Temperance Lucinda Gillespie  
Hannah Adler  
Robert Widdison Livingston Lena Hetta Major  
Charles Campbell Livingston Julia Ann Olsen Sellers  
Charlotte Delta Cole  
Ana Louise Neve  
Hannah Livingston Jacob Wamsley Smith  
Helen Livingston  ?  

  Descendant Spouse Representative(s)
James Campbell Livingston
Hannah Widdison
Thomas Widdison Livingston Eliza Jane Henderson  
Agnes Livingston Charles Lauson Crawford  

  Descendant Spouse Representative(s)
James Campbell Livingston
Annie Elizabeth Muir
John Muir Livingston Annette Dale Taylor  
James Alma Livingston Neckoline “Leana” Mikkelsen  
Bertha Mae Livingston George Arthur Johnson  
Annie Livingston Ebbie LeRoy Lee  
Arthur George Ott  
Wallace Muir Livingston Ida Gaynell Downs  

  Descendant Spouse Representative(s)
Charles Livingston
Jane Harrocks
Elizabeth Livingston Thomas Battersby Child  
Christina Livingston Charles Kammerle  
Tony Filmano  
Catherine Livingston James Solomon  

  Descendant Spouse Representative(s)
Charles Livingston
Ellen Harrocks
Charles Livingston Eliza Lavina Smith  
Ellen Livingston Enoch Smith  
Daniel Harrocks Livingston Annie Manette Armstrong  
Archibald Livingston May Reed  
Priscilla Livingston Frank Evans  
Grace Livingston John Alma Ovard  
Isadora Morris Livingston Lawrence Earl Petersen  
Hazel Livingston Duncan Angus Maxwell  
Clarence Livingston Ethel Paxman  

  Descendant Spouse Representative(s)
Isabella Livingston
Samuel Aiken
Samuel Livingston Aiken Johanna Florence McCarthy  
James William Aiken Sofia Henderson  
Charles Henry Aiken Mary Goodmansen  
Sarah Jane Aiken Daniel T. Thomander  
Joseph Hyrum Aiken Elizabeth Elmira Allred  
Lorenzo Wilson Aiken Mary Jane Neilsen  

  Descendant Spouse Representative(s)
Archibald Livingston
Elizabeth McLean
Archibald Livingston Eleanor Willden Burt  
Jean Livingston George Peter Winsness  
John Livingston Edna Frome  
Elizabeth Livingston John Acomb  
Van Dusen Spalding  

  Descendant Spouse Representative(s)
William Livingston
Lillias Dick
William Dick Livingston Annie Boletta Anderson Nancy Law,
Kay Larsen
Archibald Dick Livingston Lily May Munk  
John Dick Livingston Stella Ann Lessey  
Annie Livingston James Aagard  
Lillie May Livingston James Frank Robertson  
Jean Bain Livingston David Wallard Cook  
Joseph Franklin Livingston Mercie Ella Ivory  
Winifred Knight  
Georgia Roberts  
David Ray Livingston Grace Ernestine Hansen  
Abram Livingston Mary Etta Gardner  
Sadie Lewis  
Ellen Christine Livingston William Lester Cook  
Heber Livingston Mary Jane Oldroyd  
Isabella Livingston Edwin Lorin Merriam  

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